Sepehr Achard

Chief Executive Officer

Sepehr Achard is the Chief Executive Officer of iGrow News, a major digital news platform in the fast-paced AgriFood Tech industry. Since taking on the reins of this unique platform, Achard has been instrumental in steering iGrow News toward unparalleled growth and impressive success.

Drawing from his wealth of industry knowledge and astute understanding of digital news, Achard has proven himself a transformative leader with a robust, dynamic approach. His unwavering focus on high-quality, timely, and relevant reporting on the AgriFood Tech sector has led to iGrow News carving a niche within a highly competitive digital news landscape.

Under Achard’s leadership, the platform has expanded its offerings, providing comprehensive coverage of various topics, including agriculture technology advancements, sustainable farming practices, food innovation, and much more. His commitment to embracing innovation while upholding journalistic integrity has been the cornerstone of iGrow News’ growth strategy.

In addition, Achard’s visionary approach to leadership extends beyond content strategy. He has worked tirelessly to foster a company culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and dedication to excellence. This commitment to empowering his team and nurturing talent has driven internal growth and innovation, ensuring that iGrow News remains at the forefront of the AgriFood Tech industry.

Moreover, Achard has spearheaded efforts to strengthen iGrow News’ brand presence in the digital realm. From developing strategic marketing initiatives to leveraging social media platforms for broader reach, he has amplified the brand’s visibility, enhancing its engagement with a global audience.

In the face of an ever-evolving digital landscape, Sepehr Achard’s robust leadership and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in guiding iGrow News toward significant growth. Under his direction, the platform has reached new heights of success, solidifying its position as a trusted and leading source of information within the AgriFood Tech industry.

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Sepehr Achard