Aeroponics Controlled Environment Agriculture Nutrients

Biofortification Meets Aeroponics

Key Takeaways: Biofortification Revolution: Scientists from the John Innes Centre, LettUs Grow, and the Quadram Institute have successfully biofortified pea shoots with Vitamin B12

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Agriculture Digital Solutions Precision Ag

SmartCow’s Innovative Smart Spray System

Key Takeaways: SmartCow’s innovative spray system, integrated with NVIDIA Jetson AGX OrinTM embedded IoT system and multiple cameras, offers precise and efficient coverage

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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Edible Garden Begins Fall Shipments from Heartland Facility

Key Takeaways Edible Garden AG Incorporated has started shipping fall ornamentals from its Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Edible Garden Heartland facility, including mums and

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Biotech Corporate Partnerships

MGI and Gencell Forge Strategic Partnership

Key Takeaways: MGI and Gencell announce a strategic partnership, combining MGI’s advanced DNBSEQ technology and Gencell’s regional expertise. The partnership aims to address

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Cannabis Controlled Environment Agriculture

Fluence & Oakfruitland: Lighting the Future of Cannabis Cultivation

Key Takeaways: Fluence’s LED lighting solutions, through their partnership with Oakfruitland, have led to a 5% increase in yield and a 5% reduction

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Agriculture Environment

Cleanfarms Initiates Safe Disposal Program in British Columbia

Key Takeaways: Cleanfarms is hosting collection events for farmers in British Columbia to safely dispose of unwanted agricultural pesticides and old livestock/equine medications.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Leafy Greens

Little Leaf Farms: New England’s Top Packaged Lettuce Brand

Key Takeaways: According to recent Nielsen data, little Leaf Farms has become the #1 best-selling packaged lettuce in New England. The brand has

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Food Waste Grants Projects USDA

USDA Announces $25 Million to Combat Food Loss and Waste

Key Takeaways: The USDA invests an additional $25 million under the American Rescue Plan Act to bolster efforts against food loss and waste.

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Environment Precision Ag Water Management In Agriculture

Netafim’s Sustainable Shift: Certified Recycling in Irrigation

Key Takeaways: Netafim has received a certification for its robust recycling program and a separate recycled content certification for its sustainable production inputs.

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Food Reports

McKinney’s Anticipated 2023 Food Trends Report

Key Takeaways: McKinney’s 2023 Food Trends Report dives deep into four core categories influencing the food industry: Culture, Wellness, Technology, and Social Responsibility.

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