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Ayana Bio Introduces New Plant Cell Advantage Ingredient Portfolio

Ayana Bio unveils its innovative Plant Cell Advantage™ ingredient portfolio, harnessing plant cell cultivation.
Key Takeaways
  • Ayana Bio launches the latest ingredients in its Plant Cell Advantage™ portfolio: Dog Rose PCA™, Hedge Nettle PCA™, and Sage PCA™.
  • The Plant Cell Advantage™ ingredients use plant cell cultivation technology, delivering health benefits without traditional agricultural constraints.
  • The new ingredients offer diverse health benefits, including joint health, immune support, and cognitive support.
  • Ayana Bio’s products are DNA-fingerprint certified, 100% clean label, and possess standardized phytocomplex for enhanced bioavailability.
  • Ayana Bio will debut its new portfolio at the SupplySide West conference, introducing more people to the potential of plant cell cultivation.

Ayana Bio, the innovative company revolutionizing the production of sustainable bioactives for consumer products, has launched its novel Plant Cell Advantage™ (PCA™) ingredient lineup. This newly introduced suite of ingredients highlights the Dog Rose PCA™, Hedge Nettle PCA™, and Sage PCA™ as the freshest additions to its repertoire of health and wellness ingredients derived from plant cells.

Unique to these new ingredients, they are non-GMO plant powders with standardized hallmark bioactive compositions. They are primed to substitute traditional ingredients like dog rose directly, hedge nettle, and sage in various dietary supplements and food products. For instance, Dog Rose PCA™ is designed to bolster joint health and the immune system. Hedge Nettle PCA™ supports healthy inflammatory responses while providing antioxidants, and Sage PCA™ contributes to a healthy inflammatory response and fosters cognitive support.

In addition to the newest releases, the PCA™ ingredient lineup from Ayana Bio already boasts the Echinacea-p PCA™, targeting immune benefits, and the Lemon Balm PCA™, which aids in sleep and mood enhancement, both of which were launched earlier in April 2023.

A distinguishing factor of Ayana Bio’s ingredients is plant cell cultivation. This innovative technique involves nurturing actual plant cells within stainless steel tanks, sidestepping the need to grow whole plants traditionally. Such a method ensures the delivery of the health advantages associated with plant bioactives but without the challenges tied to conventional agriculture, especially those amplified by climate change. Moreover, this cultivation approach can yield even more potent bioactives than those found in nature. Ensuring utmost quality and transparency, PCA™ ingredients come DNA-fingerprint certified, embodying a 100% clean label. They also promise increased bioavailability, comprehensive traceability, and a neutral taste and color palette.

Frank Jaksch, the CEO of Ayana Bio, emphasized the power of their offerings, stating, “The health and wellness benefits of medicinal plants rarely come from a single bioactive. Our Plant Cell Advantage™ portfolio maintains the full spectrum of bioactive compounds found in nature that work together in harmony to deliver the most powerful health benefits possible. With our newest additions, companies can integrate high-quality, sustainable ingredients that elevate people’s quality of life.”

Anticipation surrounds Ayana Bio’s participation in the upcoming SupplySide West conference, where they will officially debut their new portfolio. Weslee Glenn, PhD., who leads innovation at Ayana Bio, is slated to discuss “Designing cellular technology to produce plant bioactive” on October 24, making the case for the transformative potential of plant cell cultivation.

Ayana Bio remains at the forefront of leveraging cellular technology to produce potent bioactive ingredients championing health and wellness. Collaborating with various global industry forerunners, from food and beverage to cosmetics, Ayana Bio aims to offer consumers unparalleled quality and reliability in bioactive ingredients. The company’s notable partnerships include Ginkgo Bioworks and backing from Viking Global Investors and Cascade Investment. Interested individuals can visit their official website for more detailed information about Ayana Bio and their work.

Image provided by Ayana Bio

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