Ayana Bio Launches Sustainable Plant Cell-Cultivated Ingredients In The US

Ayana Bio Lemon Balm

Ayana Bio, a plant cell technology firm that creates sustainable bioactive for consumer products, has announced the release of plant cell-cultivated lemon balm and echinacea health and wellness ingredients, the first of their kind in the United States. These bioactive-rich components can directly substitute conventionally cultivated botanicals in sleep, mood, and immune support dietary supplement formulations. Ayana Bio uses plant cell culture to manufacture materials without growing plants.

The culture of plant cells begins with identifying the best plant cell lines reproduced from verified plants and evaluated to determine the perfect line for crucial qualities such as bioactive potency, composition, and stability. Ayana Bio then adjusts the environment and nutrients required for plant cell growth and multiplication. As a result, plant cells are fully grown and collected as an ingredient in only a few weeks, unlike specific plants that take years to develop and mature in the ground.

Lemon balm and echinacea from Ayana Bio are non-GMO plant powders with standardized bioactive compositions that can solve supply issues associated with agriculturally generated lemon balm and echinacea. Both lemon balm and echinacea have immune-boosting properties. However, they might suffer from harvesting concerns such as adulteration, pesticides, contamination, uneven quality, seasonal weather change, infection, and a lack of active metabolites.

“The dietary supplement industry is desperate for traceable and more sustainable bioactive,” stated Frank Jaksch, CEO of Ayana Bio. Bringing plant cell-derived health and wellness components to these markets would allow CPGs to access the complete spectrum of bioactive found in these plants without dealing with supply chain disruptions. In addition, consumers seek items promoting better lifestyles and a healthier environment.”

Plant cell culture avoids traditional manufacturing problems while producing the same molecular composition and health and wellness advantages as agricultural equivalents. In addition, these DNA-fingerprint verified and clean label plant cell-derived substances have standardized phytocomplex, enhanced bioavailability, full traceability, and a neutral taste and color.

“Plant cell technology is building a sustainable future of standardized botanical ingredients as CPG companies collaborate with innovative companies to implement clean label bio-actives across their product lines,” stated Effendi Leonard, CTO of Ayana Bio. We are happy to be the first to commercialize this technology’s goods for health and wellbeing in these critical areas.”

Photo by Victor Serban on Unsplash 

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