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Betterment Harvest Takes a 50% Stake In Ontario Greenhouse

AgTech company, Betterment Harvest Takes a 50% Stake In Ontario Greenhouse

Land Betterment Corporation’s subsidiary, Betterment Harvest, has recently closed on 50% ownership interests in JC Fresh Farms Ltd. and Orangeline Farms Ltd., two operational greenhouse companies located in Ontario, Canada. The acquisition includes 65 acres of state-of-the-art, controlled environment growing facilities.

Ontario is known for having a high concentration of greenhouse facilities and ag-tech professionals, with over 200 greenhouse farms growing produce on over 3,000 acres. The high-tech growing methods used in these facilities can yield a higher product per acre and use less water and inputs than traditional farming methods.

The JC Fresh and Orangeline Farm sites specialize in high-yield, low-cost production output, leveraging advanced growing technology to produce greater yields than traditional methods. The facilities use hydroponic growing systems and advanced LED lighting for consistent, year-round production. In addition, the product is packaged within automated packing facilities to ensure quality.

According to Matt Tatomir, Co-President of Betterment Harvest and founder of JC Fresh and Orangeline, the Company’s goal is to provide high-quality produce through efficient operations with minimal environmental impact. Tatomir believes that his team’s skills and partnerships with key industry leaders will allow them to achieve this goal. “We are excited to partner with Land Betterment and expand in Canada and the United States.”

JC Fresh and Orangeline Farms have partnerships with some of the world’s most prominent marketers and distributors, and clients can find their products in retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Loblaws. In addition, the partnership with Betterment Harvest and Land Betterment will expand the business in Canada and the United States. The association’s goal is to provide efficient operations with the most negligible impact on the environment possible.

According to Kirk Taylor, President and CFO of Land Betterment, the partnership with Betterment Harvest will provide the necessary leadership and talent pool as they plan to expand their existing sites and enter new markets in South Western Ontario, Canada, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and beyond. He also stated that creating sustainable outcomes for communities is a core part of their business strategy, and this acquisition is an example of their ability to execute that strategy. In addition, he is excited to support the talented operational team at Betterment Harvest and help them expand the business, manage costs and eventually prepare for a public offering in the United States marketplace.

The acquisition is an example of Land Betterment’s ability to invest in sustainable outcomes for communities. In addition, the partnership will help Betterment Harvest grow the business, manage costs, and prepare for the Company’s public offering in the United States marketplace. The move is considered essential for Betterment Harvest and Land Betterment as they continue to expand their business and provide products to consumers worldwide.

Image provided by Land Betterment Exchange

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