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BharatRohan Partners with Smart Village Movement to Boost Ginger Farming in Meghalaya

BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited, a leading figure in agri-tech drone services, has unveiled a strategic alliance with the Smart Village Movement. This partnership is poised to bring about a significant transformation in ginger farming in Meghalaya, aiming to curtail crop losses and enhance the income and livelihoods of the farmers. The initiative will harness the power of drone-based hyperspectral imaging and data analytics, ensuring it remains affordable for small-scale farmers.

The collaboration aims to equip farmers with cutting-edge precision agriculture methodologies. This involves using UAV drones fitted with hyperspectral, multispectral, and thermal sensors that can pinpoint even the slightest changes in crop health. Such real-time data equips farmers with the insights to intervene promptly, enhancing crop yield and quality. Additionally, the venture champions sustainable ginger production without residues, positioning farmers to fetch premium prices by establishing robust export market linkages. This approach is set to bolster income avenues and spur economic growth for the local agricultural communities.

Rishabh Choudhary, CTO & Co-Founder of BharatRohan, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable farming. “Our drones, armed with hyperspectral imagery, offer real-time data and accurate crop health evaluations, facilitating rapid adaptation to evolving climate scenarios. We’re dedicated to fostering a sustainable agricultural landscape by producing residue-free, superior-quality produce.”

Megha Raju, Project Lead at BharatRohan, underscored the partnership’s significance, stating, “By integrating UAV hyperspectral technology into Meghalaya’s smallholder ginger farming, we’re poised to offer specific, actionable advice, supply top-tier agri-inputs, and champion sustainable and profitable farming practices.”

Vivek Shah, CEO of the Smart Village Movement, expressed his optimism about the collaboration. “SVM is eager to collaborate with BharatRohan to address the challenges and aspirations of farmers. Our prior experience with drone-enabled solutions fuels our excitement for the potential in agriculture. We’re keen to gauge the technology’s adaptability and resilience in Meghalaya’s unique conditions, but more importantly, to observe the local community’s receptiveness to such innovations.”

The NASSCOM ‘Center of Excellence for IoT & AI’ in India has supported this partnership, pivotal in its success and ensuring positive outcomes in rural areas.

Initially targeting the Ri Bhoi District in Meghalaya, the partnership has broader expansion plans. Farmers will benefit from tailored advisory services, UAV/drone-based prescription maps, agri-input recommendations via the user-friendly BharatRohan WhatsApp Chatbot, and market linkage opportunities.

In the future, the collaboration aims to extend its services to paddy, turmeric, and pineapple farming clusters in Meghalaya, reaffirming its dedication to sustainable farming. They also plan to organize farmer meetings and training sessions to promote the understanding and efficient utilization of UAV/drone technology in agriculture.

Photo by Piyal Pakira on Unsplash 

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