Bloomfield Robotics Announces Investments From Kubota Corporation and Oeneo
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Bloomfield Robotics Gets Investment Boost For AI Plant Imaging Tech

The Pittsburgh-based company, Bloomfield Robotics, has announced investments from Kubota Corporation and Oeneo Group SA, in order to strengthen its AI-driven plant imaging technology for use in specialty crops. Kubota, a global leader in the design and manufacture of agricultural tractors, is renewing its investment in Bloomfield, with the aim of ensuring that each farm vehicle becomes a platform for continuous data collection to assess both the health and performance of each plant in the specialty crop sector. The company’s investment reflects Kubota’s confidence in Bloomfield’s ability to provide plant-level insights to help growers make more informed management decisions.

Oeneo’s investment is driven by the technology’s potential for the wine industry. The investment provides Bloomfield with direct access to Oeneo’s 10,000 customers in the wine industry worldwide. Oeneo’s relationships with its customers will enhance Bloomfield’s ability to provide specific analyses for each wine region and grape variety.

This partnership with Bloomfield is aligned with Oeneo’s development strategy to build a complete and innovative offer for winegrowers. It will allow us to accelerate our own initiatives, in particular in response to the impacts of climate change. In the vineyard, we want to offer our clients new indicators, enabling them to make the most relevant decisions possible, to secure the quality and quantity of the wine production. These developments will be carried out jointly with the Vivelys teams,” explains Dominique Tourneix, CEO of the Oeneo Group.

These investments will reinforce Bloomfield’s commitment to partner with leading players in its strategic markets and allow the company to grow the team, deploy the technology to more customers and continue to develop the technology to serve the entire specialty crop industry.

Image provided by Bloomfield Robotics


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