Blue Diamond Growers Welcomes USDA’s New Regional Agricultural Promotion Program

Blue Diamond Growers Welcomes USDA's New Regional Agricultural Promotion Program. AgTech; AgriTech

Key Takeaways

  1. Blue Diamond Growers, a grower-owned almond cooperative, praises the USDA’s newly announced Regional Agricultural Promotion Program (RAPP).
  2. The RAPP initiative promotes U.S. agricultural exports, benefiting California’s almond industry.
  3. Nearly 70% of California almonds are exported worldwide, making international markets vital for the state’s almond growers.
  4. Blue Diamond has a century-long history in export promotion and has opened markets in over 100 countries.
  5. The new funding will amplify Blue Diamond’s existing efforts, driving growth and higher returns for the entire U.S. almond industry.

Blue Diamond Growers, a leading almond cooperative owned by growers, has supported the United States Department of Agriculture‘s (USDA) newly launched Regional Agricultural Promotion Program (RAPP). The program is designed to provide essential investment in U.S. agricultural export promotion initiatives, focusing on benefiting California’s almond industry.

Importance of RAPP for California Almond Growers

California is a significant player in the almond industry, with nearly 70% of its almonds being exported worldwide. The RAPP initiative is a welcome relief for California almond growers, who are grappling with some of the highest agricultural production costs in the country. Alicia Rockwell, Chief Government Affairs Officer for Blue Diamond Growers, stated that trade programs like RAPP are crucial for sustaining California’s almond growers. They strengthen industry investments and lead to more robust and extended promotional activities to stimulate consumption.

Blue Diamond’s Role in Export Promotion

Blue Diamond Growers has been actively promoting exports for over a century. The cooperative has a proven track record of opening and developing new markets globally for value-added almond products. This has directly benefited the entire California almond industry. With the additional funding from RAPP, Blue Diamond aims to amplify these efforts further, thereby driving higher returns and growth for the entire industry.

Long-term Impact of USDA Funding

Over the years, the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service has provided funding that has had far-reaching and long-term positive impacts on the U.S. almond industry. Blue Diamond appreciates the continued support and priority that the USDA places on this crucial partnership.

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