Botalys Funding Round
Corporate Funding Round

Botalys Banks a USD 6.5M Funding Round Led by ALIAD

Botalys banked a USD 6.5M ( EUR 6.6M) funding round led by ALIAD (Air Liquide Venture Capital Fund) to fuel their growth, and provide collaboration opportunities with Seppic (a subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare). The funding round has also seen participation from Yield Lab Europe.

CEO & Founder, Pierre-Antoine Mariage comments “This fundraising marks a crucial step for Botalys, that of international expansion and the deployment of our technology platform on other medicinal plants. We are pleased to welcome new investors with a strong environmental vision. Our mission will remain the same: to create a new standard of quality in terms of rare medicinal plants and to satisfy the expectations of today’s consumers – ultra-purity, guaranteed effectiveness, and respect for the environment.”

The new shareholders will be joining the company’s investors including the Belgian public investors SRIW, HOCCINVEST, and the investment fund VIVES II, as well as a group of distinguished family offices who joined the latest round.

Between 2019 and 2021, Botalys was also awarded the Horizon 2020 grant – a European Union fund worth USD 2M.

The previous funding round served to finance the construction of the new facility in Ghislenghien. This funding round will, as per the company’s press release, precede a follow-up investment of up to USD 7.9M.

The funding’s proceeds will enable the company to meet growing demand for its medicinal plants and will be used to accelerate the company’s development in the American & Asian markets.

The funding will also help expand the R&D center in Ghislenghien, dedicated to the development and cultivation of new and rare medicinal plants as well as their innovative derivaties for the nutraceutical and cosmetic industry.

Image provided by Botalys representing their CEO & Founder, Pierre-Antoine Mariage

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