Brazil's Traive Engages European Investors to Boost Sustainable Agribusiness
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Brazil’s Traive Engages European Investors to Boost Sustainable Agribusiness

Brazil-based fintech firm Traive, specializing in the agricultural sector, joins embassies and agribusiness support companies to engage with investors, venture capital firms, and banks in meetings in London, Berlin, and The Hague. The meetings aim to highlight Brazil’s sustainable agriculture sector’s business potential, which is often overlooked despite its crucial role in preserving natural resources globally.

Brazil, recognized for its immense biodiversity, sets a global standard in sustainable farming practices with stringent environmental regulations integrated throughout its production chains. Fabricio Pezente, CEO of Traive, stated, “The European market is extremely interested in understanding the operations of the Brazilian agro-market, its capabilities, and its alignment with the ESG agenda. Brazilian agri-business, with impressive statistics in sustainable management encompassing preservation, conservation, and bio-input development, began 2023 with a surplus of US$ 8.69 billion. This attracts investors seeking to capitalize in the Green Bond segment, offering both environmental assurance and a financial return.”

In 2022, Traive led the Responsible Commodities Facility (RCF) initiative in partnership with SIM and OPEA, securing US$ 11M in investments from UK supermarkets Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose. This initiative supported deforestation-free soy farming in the Brazilian Cerrado. Traive’s technology was critical in facilitating transparent risk analysis and operation monitoring for investors. The initiative achieved a 0% non-compliance rate from the 32 financed farms, which produced deforestation-free crops while preserving 8,541 hectares of forest. This novel financing approach in Brazil led to discussions with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and earned the “2022 Initiative of the Year – Green Bonds” title by Environmental Finance.

Photo by João Pedro Schmitz on Unsplash 

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