Agtech company California Lightworks Expands European Distribution
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California LightWorks and Virex Technologies expand LED Lighting in Europe

California LightWorks has announced a strategic partnership with Virex Technologies to expand European distribution. This partnership will allow California LightWorks to bring its unique, patented MegaDrive® technology to the rapidly expanding European market for grow lights.

The MegaDrive system is a game-changer for the horticulture market, according to California LightWorks CEO George Mekhtarian. It consists of a large central power unit connected to a chain of up to 27 LED fixtures. High-voltage three-phase power can connect directly to the central power unit, eliminating power drops to each fixture, and it can centrally control all the lights from the power unit. This results in up to 80% less installation cost and 30% less up-front fixture cost.

“Virex Technologies has a company mission and vision that is well aligned with ours,” said Mekhtarian. “Their focus on customer success and their mission to reduce carbon footprint are the key reasons we chose to partner with them.”

Virex Technologies CEO Albert Rodriguez said, “Many large commercials grow operations in the United States have profitably deployed MegaDrive to illuminate their crops, lowering installation costs, saving energy by producing less heat in the room, making the HVAC system work less, since not having all the power sources radiating heat in the same place of cultivation.”

Virex Technologies began looking at several LED lighting manufacturers from across the globe for potential partnerships after the GreenTech 2022 Amsterdam conference. California Lightworks’ MegaDrive system caught Virex’s attention due to its streamlined installation process and ability to lower costs while boosting production and quality.

“Updating lighting from low-efficiency High-Intensity Discharge (HID) systems to high-efficiency LEDs is not only smart for business, it is also good for our planet,” added Mekhtarian. “Only through strategic partnerships such as these is it possible for us to expand the rollout of MegaDrive globally.”

This partnership will allow California LightWorks to bring its innovative, patented MegaDrive technology to the European market and help commercial grow operations in Europe to lower installation costs, save energy, and boost production and quality.

Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

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