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Carbon Robotics Secures $30 Million in Series C Funding

Carbon Robotics Secures $30 Million in Series C Funding to Expand its AI-powered Robotics Solution

Carbon Robotics announced that it had received $30 million in Series C funding from current investors Anthos Capital, Fuse Venture Capital, Ignition Partners, Liquid2, Voyager Capital, and new lead investor Sozo Ventures. The money will be used to create new software and hardware products, scale up manufacturing, extend sales areas in North America, and enter overseas markets. The total investment for Carbon Robotics has now reached $67 million.

The company’s ground-breaking product, LaserWeederTM, is revolutionary for the agricultural sector. The LaserWeederTM recognizes weeds and pinpoints them for eradication using artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics, and lasers. The tool’s 30 powerful CO2 lasers employ thermal energy to target the weed’s meristem precisely while sparing neighboring crops damage or soil disturbance. Farmers can only minimize their most expensive line item – weed management – using Carbon Robotics’ artful combination of AI, computer vision, robots, and lasers. This is done without causing any harm to the soil or plants. Around 500 million weeds have been effectively eradicated by the LaserWeederTM in 40 different crops.

Farmers in 17 U.S. states, three Canadian provinces, and more this year will receive the LaserWeederTM. In addition, Rob Freelen from Sozo Ventures and Erik Benson from Voyager Capital will join the Carbon Robotics board of directors as part of the Series C funding. “Carbon Robotics’ exquisite integration of AI, computer vision, robots, and lasers is the only solution that enables farmers to cut their most expensive line item – weed management – without harming plants or the soil,” said Rob Freelen, managing director of Sozo Ventures.

For the farming sector, the LaserWeederTM is a game-changer since it lowers the most expensive line item and ensures that crops are not harmed in the process. The solution provided by Carbon Robotics is a shining illustration of how technology can be utilized to effectively and efficiently address complicated challenges. In conclusion, Carbon Robotics’ most recent fundraising round represents a significant turning point for the business. The money will increase sales territories, streamline and scale production, create new hardware and software solutions, and enter foreign markets. The LaserWeederTM is a game-changer for the farming sector. The company’s innovative application of artificial intelligence, computer vision, robots, and lasers opens the way for more effective and sustainable agricultural techniques.

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