Cargill 2023 ESG Report: Progress in Climate Action & Community Support

Cargill 2023 ESG Report: Progress in Climate Action & Community Support

Key Takeaways:

  • Sustainability Commitments: Cargill’s 2023 ESG Report details progress towards sustainability, focusing on climate, land, water, and people.
  • Operational Achievements: The company has invested $78 million in sustainability projects and reduced emissions by nearly 11%.
  • Agricultural Impact: Cargill has advanced regenerative agriculture on 880,000 acres of North American land since 2020.
  • Water Restoration: Over 9 billion liters of water have been restored in the fiscal year 2023.
  • Community Engagement: Cargill has distributed over $115 million to support local communities and provided over 20 million meals globally.

Cargill has released its Fiscal Year 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, showcasing the company’s strides in sustainability and its positive global impact. The report reflects Cargill’s purpose-driven approach to nourishing the world responsibly and sustainably, focusing on climate, land, water, and people.

Investment in Sustainability

The company’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through a significant investment of $78 million in efficiency and sustainability projects within its operations, aiming to create more sustainable products and foster partnerships.

Emission Reduction and Regenerative Agriculture

Cargill has reduced emissions from its operations by 10.97%, achieving its 2025 goal ahead of schedule. Additionally, the company has made considerable advances in regenerative agriculture practices, impacting 880,000 acres of land in North America.

Water Stewardship

In terms of water conservation, Cargill has made a remarkable achievement by restoring more than 9 billion liters of water in the fiscal year 2023, emphasizing its commitment to preserving natural resources.

Supporting Communities

Cargill’s dedication to community support is evident in its distribution of over $115 million to partners and local communities. This funding has provided more than 20 million meals globally in the fiscal year 2023.

Cargill’s Ongoing Commitment

The report underlines Cargill’s values of putting people first, doing the right thing, and reaching higher. Pilar Cruz, Chief Sustainability Officer at Cargill, highlights the role of partnerships in driving progress and the company’s continuous commitment to adding value to the climate, land, water, and nourishment of people worldwide.

Image provided by Cargill

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