9th August 2022
Corporate Economy

Supply Chain Bottlenecks Are Affecting All Industries But What About Indoor Farming?

Since the start of the vaccination program, there have been rising concerns regarding shortages in crucial materials. Iron, microchips, food and even drivers are missing in all industries and, experts expect companies such as Whirlpool to increase their production cost by $1Bn for this fiscal year.   The worst part, thinking that the bottom of […]

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Economy Laws & Regulations

Green Bonds: A Saviour To Planet’s Faith?

Since the Paris agreement of 2015, ESG Bonds (Environmental, Social and Governance bonds) and other Green Bonds, became increasingly important as a financial instrument and used in sustainable projects throughout the world. As most of the current industries need to reshape or re-engineer their production processes to meet the SDG’s goals, it offers opportunities for […]

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Economy Vertical Farming

Emmanuel Macron Aims For a “3rd Agriculture Revolution” In a Bet To Transform Farms In Tech Startups

With less than a month to go before France’s presidential campaign where the current president Emmanuel Macron, eyes for a second mandate, agriculture is perhaps the one sector that the candidate wants to shake up. Indeed, in recent campaign meetings and interviews, the president has emphasized his desire to transform current French farms into tech […]

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Inflation Leads To Inflated Revenues, Watch Out For Upcoming Financial Results

Countries are facing unprecedented inflation rates, fueled by the yet-to-recover pandemic effects and the rising energy costs due to tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The United States just confirmed the highest Consumer Price Index increase since January 1982 (7,9% for the month of February), Germany witnessed a 5.1% increase, the Netherlands registered a 7.6% increase […]

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