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Farm Bill To Inflation: A Roundup of Economic Developments

In January 2023, the UK’s annual inflation rate dropped to 10.1% from 10.5% in December but fell short of market expectations of 10.3%. The transportation, restaurant, and hotel industries saw lower costs, contributing to the decrease, while customary New Year discounts slowed the increase in food, non-alcoholic drinks, clothing, footwear, and furnishings. However, inflation increased in recreation and culture, health, alcoholic drinks, and cigarettes. The CPI declined by 0.6% every month, the first fall in a year and the largest since January 2019, mainly due to significant fuel and air transportation declines. Despite recent food price increases, the market consensus expects inflation to be below 10% this month due to slowed energy prices.

During his recent hearing before US Congress, Fed Chair Powell stated that the Fed is prepared to quicken the rate rise rate if economic data necessitates tightening. The Federal Reserve is committed to implementing a tight monetary policy to get inflation back to 2%. In its February 2023 meeting, the Fed raised the target range for the fed funds rate by 25bps to 4.5%-4.75%, marking the second consecutive meeting in which the Fed has dialed back the size of the increase but still brought borrowing costs to their highest level since 2007.

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