The ‘Cannabis’ category is a comprehensive guide that delves into the rapidly evolving world of the cannabis industry. This category keeps readers informed about the latest developments, covering a wide range of topics from legal changes to investment opportunities in the cannabis sector.

One of the key focuses of this category is the ongoing legal transformation surrounding cannabis. As more countries and states are moving towards legalization or decriminalization, there’s a growing need to stay updated on these legal changes. The category offers insights into how these legal shifts are shaping the industry, influencing everything from cultivation practices to distribution channels.

Another crucial aspect covered in this category is the investment landscape within the cannabis industry. With the market expanding rapidly, there are numerous opportunities for investors. The category provides valuable information on market trends, potential risks, and rewards associated with investing in cannabis, whether it’s in farming, pharmaceuticals, or retail.

Moreover, the ‘Cannabis’ category also explores the advancements in its cultivation techniques and product development. It highlights how technological innovations and research are driving the growth of the industry, leading to more efficient cultivation methods and a wider variety of cannabis products for both medical and recreational use.

This category is designed to be accessible and informative, catering to a diverse audience that includes entrepreneurs, investors, legal experts, and anyone interested in the industry. It is a vital resource for keeping updated with the dynamic changes and opportunities in this unique and growing industry.

Cannabis Stock Market Vertical Farming

Agrify Latest News: Results For FY22 & Q1 2023

Key Takeaways Agrify reported a challenging fiscal year in 2022 but made strategic adjustments in 2023. Q1 2023 saw a decline in revenue.

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Cannabis Reports

Fluence and Cannabis Business Times Report Highlights LED Adoption and Yield Improvements in Cannabis Cultivation

Key Takeaways: Fluence’s eighth annual report, in collaboration with Cannabis Business Times, shows a high rate of LED adoption among cannabis growers. At.

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Cannabis Mergers & Acquisitions

AgriCann Solutions Acquires Newline Ventures To Expand Operations

Key Takeaways AgriCann Solutions Corp. has acquired 100% of Newline Ventures Inc. The acquisition was approved unanimously at AgriCann’s April 17, 2023, AGM.

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AgriBusiness Agriculture Cannabis Investments & Funding Round

AgriCann Completes Private Placement

Key Takeaways: AgriCann Solutions Corp. has closed its non-brokered private placement, raising over $1 million by issuing 10,342,361 units. Each unit consists of.

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Cannabis Controlled Environment Agriculture Partnerships

Fluence’s Impact on Flora & Flame’s Cannabis Cultivation

Key Takeaways Increased Productivity and Quality: Fluence’s partnership with Flora & Flame resulted in a 50% increase in yields, improved trichome quality, and.

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Cannabis Controlled Environment Agriculture Deals

urban-gro, Inc. Secures Contracts Worth Nearly $8M in the Cannabis Sector

Key Takeaways: urban-gro, Inc. has secured contracts totaling nearly $8 million in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) cannabis sector. The contracts are spread.

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Cannabis Controlled Environment Agriculture

Fluence & Oakfruitland: Lighting the Future of Cannabis Cultivation

Key Takeaways: Fluence’s LED lighting solutions, through their partnership with Oakfruitland, have led to a 5% increase in yield and a 5% reduction.

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AgriBusiness Cannabis Controlled Environment Agriculture Smart Farming

urban-gro Secures Over $3 Million in Contracts for Cannabis

The cannabis industry, especially over the past few years, has emerged as a powerhouse sector, bolstered by legal reforms, changing public perceptions, and.

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Cannabis Controlled Environment Agriculture Financial Results

Village Farms International News: Q2 Highlights Growth In Cannabis & Fresh Produce

Reports Q2 2023 Financial Results and Highlights Strong Growth In Cannabis and Fresh Produce Segments (2023/08/10) Village Farms International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VFF), a.

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Cannabis Partnerships Plant Science

HudsonAlpha Institute and New West Genetics Secure USDA-NIFA Grant

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and New West Genetics has been awarded a three-year, $650,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture.

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