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Precision Gene Editing for Sustainable Crustacean Farming

Key Takeaways: A collaboration between Colors Farm Ltd., Evogene Ltd., and Ben-Gurion University (BGU) has been announced to develop gene editing technology for.

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AgriBusiness Crop Genomics Partnerships Smart Farming

Pairwise and Bayer Collaborate

Pairwise, a pioneering food and agriculture company renowned for introducing the first gene-edited food to the U.S. market, has joined forces with Bayer,.

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Trace Genomics and Taurus Ag Join Forces for Soil Health

In a groundbreaking move that promises to reshape the landscape of Canadian agriculture, Trace Genomics and Taurus Agricultural Marketing (Taurus Ag) have announced.

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GreenVenus Unveils a Sustainable Shift in Wine Production

For centuries, winemaking practices have remained relatively unchanged, with vintners relying on a combination of art and science to produce the finest bottles.

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Crop Genomics Partnerships Plant Science Smart Farming

Pairwise Partners with RSquared Fresh Solutions

Pairwise, a food and agriculture company, has partnered with RSquared Fresh Solutions, a prominent retail broker, to introduce the first CRISPR-edited products to.

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Unleashing the Potential of Einkorn

In a groundbreaking achievement, a team of scientists from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and six other countries has successfully.

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Pairwise Launches Innovative Gene-Editing Fulcrum™ Platform

Pairwise, a health-centric food and agriculture company, has unveiled its Fulcrum™ Platform, an innovative gene-editing platform built on proprietary CRISPR technology and other.

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Crop Genomics

Non-GMO Project Expands Verification Services to Mexico Amid Ban on GMO Corn Imports

The Non-GMO Project, a prominent organization that verifies non-GMO products, has announced the expansion of its services to Mexico in the wake of.

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Origin Agritech’s GMO Corn Hybrid Selected For National Demo

Origin Agritech Ltd. recently announced that its GMO corn hybrid, with the triple-stacked trait BFL4-2, has been selected for the national demo plot,.

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Unfold Partners With Goodleaf To Enhance Leafy Greens

Unfold and GoodLeaf Farms have partnered strategically to commercialize premium lines of vertically-farmed spinach and other leafy greens. The CEOs of both companies.

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