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Ceres Greenhouse Solutions Partners with Rabensteiner to Transform Glass Architecture

Key Takeaways

  • Ceres Greenhouse Solutions announces a strategic partnership with European leader Rabensteiner.
  • The collaboration aims to redefine glass architecture with energy-efficient structures.
  • The partnership will focus on creating spaces like atriums, conservatories, and community centers that blend with nature.
  • Rabensteiner will provide high-quality materials, while Ceres will offer passive-solar design and HVAC solutions.
  • Both companies envision creating spaces where nature and architecture merge seamlessly.

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, a U.S.-based company specializing in efficient greenhouse design, has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Rabensteiner, a leading European innovator in glasshouse technology. The collaboration aims to redefine the concept of glass architecture, offering a range of energy-efficient structures for both the North American and international markets.

What the Partnership Entails

The partnership between Ceres and Rabensteiner will focus on creating captivating architectural designs that prominently feature glass as a primary building material. Unlike traditional greenhouses, these “glass houses” are designed primarily as spaces for people, with the inclusion of greenery being secondary. The collaboration promises to deliver a variety of structures, from enchanting atriums and serene conservatories to vibrant solariums and versatile community spaces ideal for restaurants and community centers.

Rabensteiner will contribute top-tier materials for the construction of these glasshouses. On the other hand, Ceres will bring its expertise in passive-solar design considerations and proprietary HVAC solutions to ensure the energy efficiency of these structures.

About Rabensteiner

Rabensteiner is a European market leader known for its innovative and sustainable solutions in glasshouse technology. The company is committed to delivering transparent consulting and expert planning, enabling the creation of greenhouses and garden centers that offer new business perspectives.

About Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Inspired by the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, Ceres is more than a greenhouse company. It comprises a dedicated team of engineers, architects, builders, plant experts, designers, and innovators. Ceres customizes every system to meet the unique climate needs of growers, offering tailored environmental controls and growing data for commercial greenhouse operations.

Quotes from the Partnership

Klaus Wierer, CEO of Rabensteiner, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Driven by our shared passion to redefine greenhouses and innovatively interpret glass architecture, we look forward to working with Ceres to create breathtaking spaces where nature and architecture seamlessly merge.”

Marc Plinke, founder of Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, echoed this sentiment: “We are excited to take our partnership with the Italian greenhouse manufacturer, Rabensteiner, to the next level by bringing glass house solutions to the North American and International market.”

Image provided by Ceres Greenhouse

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