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Certis Biologicals to Make Environmentally-Friendly SoilGard® Available to Growers Across All 50 States

Certis Biologicals is making SoilGard®, a microbial fungicide, available to growers across all 50 states through trusted retailers and distribution channels. SoilGard provides an environmentally-friendly tool to protect crops against plant pathogenic fungi. The granular formulation of SoilGard contains a living, naturally-occurring soil fungus that is antagonistic to pythium, Rhizoctonia, and fusarium.

One of the benefits of SoilGard is its wide variety of label uses, including in greenhouses, nurseries, agricultural food crops, and ornamentals. It is OMRI-Listed® and approved for use in organic and conventional agriculture. With a zero-hour REI, SoilGard can be applied throughout the growing season, even up to harvest. This gives growers flexibility and ease of use while ensuring efficacy against plant pathogenic fungi.

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“SoilGard provides growers with another sustainable, environmentally-friendly tool to protect a wide variety of crops against the diseases that threaten them,” says Tim Riley, National Sales Director of Certis Biologicals. “Our team is proud to bring this product to growers so they can feel comfortable trusting its efficacy while relying upon its flexibility and ease of use.”

SoilGard’s dry granules can be mixed directly into the soil or growing media, and it can also be combined with water and applied through soil drenches, root dips, or irrigation systems. This makes it a versatile and easy-to-use tool for growers. The product is set to meet market demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable crop protection tools while providing growers with the benefits of a flexible and effective microbial fungicide.

Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash 

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