Chia Network & SpaceKnow Partner for Sustainability in AgroTech

Chia Network

Chia Network and SpaceKnow have announced a partnership to harness space-based data for sustainability efforts in the AgroTech industry. They intend to construct and maintain a geospatial database to monitor land enrollment in sustainability programs, employing Chia’s Virtual Private Blockchain™ technology. This approach will create a reliable database that can be queried spatially by authorized market participants.

A group of sustainable AgroTech companies, including Indigo Ag, has launched a Reconciliation of Ecosystem Service Claims via Unified Entity (RESCUE) project. The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) is also supporting the project. The project aims to create a database that tracks land participation in carbon credit sustainability programs and the status of environmental claims made for activities in a specific land area during a set timeframe.

We will use Chia’s DataLayer™ and Verifiable Credentials™ to secure and track the geospatial data gathered from SpaceKnow’s 80 machine-learning algorithms based on more than ten satellite constellations.

This collaboration aims to develop auditable processes to ensure accuracy and build trust in the market while reducing labor-intensive and inefficient centralized data infrastructures. The project also plans to cross-check for double enrollment to maintain the system’s integrity.

By utilizing distributed ledger technology, the industry can improve its capacity to handle current challenges and explore new use cases using novel data inputs. In addition, this technology offers a solution that can promote program participation and engagement, monitor the field activity of participants, and provide valuable information to project developers and standards.

This ambitious project represents a significant leap forward in using space-based data and blockchain technology for sustainability efforts within the AgroTech industry. Implementing these technologies could lead to more efficient and reliable practices, potentially revolutionizing how sustainability is managed and monitored in the agricultural sector.

Photo by Red Zeppelin on Unsplash 

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