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Chomps Partners with Land to Market to Measure Environmental Impact


Chomps (website) has partnered with Land to Market, an organization that measures and verifies environmental impact. The collaboration aims to move Chomps towards becoming a fully sustainable brand by independently vetting its supply chain without bias, similar to its approach with Non-GMO and Certified Humane certifications.

Land to Market’s Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) protocol measures land health and verifies whether farmland is in a state of regeneration or degeneration. This partnership will help Chomps track its environmental footprint by providing accurate data on its supply chain’s ecological impact.

As farmers and ranchers implement practices that regenerate their land, the EOV protocol measures the environmental impact and offers feedback for continuous improvement. Grazing animals can improve environmental health by sequestering carbon, improving watersheds, and supporting biodiversity. Regenerative agriculture is increasingly recognized as a critical solution in addressing climate change.

Chomps CEO Peter Maldonado expressed its commitment to sustainability and emphasized the importance of independent third-party assessments for achieving its goals. Products with the Land to Market seal are sourced from farms and ranches that show positive environmental outcomes through EOV.

By partnering with Land to Market, the meat snack company aims to lead the way in sustainable practices and inspire other brands to prioritize environmental stewardship in their business operations. In addition, the collaboration showcases Chomps’ dedication to promoting a healthier planet through regenerative agriculture and responsible sourcing.

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