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CULT Food Announces Noochies! Cultivated Pet Food Launch

CULT Food Science Corp. (CSE: CULT) (OTC: CULTF) (FRA: LN0), a leader in cellular agriculture technology and products, has unveiled its Noochies! brand for pet food and treats, as well as its new website. Noochies! offers the world’s first freeze-dried, high-protein cultured pet food for dogs and cats, made with patent-pending technology that preserves nutrients and proteins for better absorption. The initial launch is set for Q3 2023, targeting the US market through direct-to-consumer e-commerce sales, online marketplace partnerships, and in-store sales in California.

Noochies! pet food products contain Bmmune™, an animal-free ingredient that provides proteins similar to conventional meat and offers health benefits like improved digestion, gut health, immune support, and overall cognitive, arterial, and heart health. Furthermore, Noochies! has developed its probiotic, Bflora™, specifically for dogs’ and cats’ gastrointestinal systems.

The Noochies! product line includes Dinner and Breakfast Food made with Bmmune, which contains immune-supporting B vitamins and bioavailable protein. In addition, dog and Cat Treats use koji, a high-protein nutritional yeast, to deliver essential B vitamins and support immune, digestive, and heart health. Noochies! also offers Sprinkles featuring Bmmune™ and Bflora™ to be added to pets’ daily meals.

This product launch reinforces Noochies!’ commitment to providing sustainable pet nutrition based on rigorous R&D. The use of environmentally friendly, nutrient-rich ingredients in freeze-dried ultra-premium pet products positions Noochies! as a leader in sustainable pet nutrition.

The Noochies! brand and products are subject to a binding LOI between CULT subsidiary Further Foods Inc. and Joshua Errett, with the acquisition of assets from Mr. Errett nearing completion. The transaction is contingent on receiving necessary regulatory approvals, satisfactory due diligence, and entering into a definitive agreement.

Lejjy Gafour, CEO of CULT, expressed excitement about the Noochies! launch, while Joshua Errett, VP of Product Development at CULT, emphasized that premium pet nutrition and environmental sustainability coexist.

CULT has also announced closing a $30,000 debt settlement agreement, issuing 333,333 common shares to CEO Lejjy Gafour.

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