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Danimer Scientific Partners with BIOLO and Bolthouse Farms

Danimer Scientific collaborates with BIOLO and Bolthouse Farms to introduce a sustainable shift in fresh produce packaging.
Key Takeaways
  1. Danimer Scientific, in collaboration with BIOLO and Bolthouse Farms, announces the introduction of home compostable retail packaging for vegetables and fruit.
  2. The packaging uses Danimer’s signature PHA, Nodax®, which degrades within months compared to traditional plastics.
  3. Earthbound Farm Organic Mini Peeled Carrots will be among the first products to use this packaging, available in Meijer’s network of 240 stores in the Midwest.
  4. TUV certifies the new packaging as home compostable, ensuring it degrades at least 90% within 26 weeks and entirely within 52 weeks under home compost conditions.
  5. This partnership signifies a move towards sustainable packaging solutions for various sectors, focusing on produce, fashion, consumer goods, and food services.

Danimer Scientific, Inc., a front-runner in next-generation bioplastics, has unveiled its groundbreaking home compostable packaging solution for fresh produce. This initiative was realized with biodegradable packaging manufacturer BIOLO and carrot producer Bolthouse Farms.

Stephen Croskrey, CEO of Danimer Scientific, expressed enthusiasm over the launch, highlighting the increasing global demand for greener alternatives to conventional petroleum plastics. Croskrey emphasized the role of partners such as BIOLO, Bolthouse Farms, and Meijer in achieving this significant milestone. This partnership indicates a potential shift in the food industry towards more sustainable PHA-based packaging.

A defining feature of this packaging is Danimer’s Nodax®, a biobased polyester. Harvested from the oils of plant seeds, such as canola, Nodax® provides a stark contrast to traditional plastic. Whereas conventional plastic can persist in the environment for centuries, Nodax®-based products can biodegrade within a few months under specific conditions.

A significant endorsement of the packaging’s environmental compatibility comes from TUV, a globally recognized product testing and certification entity. TUV’s certification assures consumers that the packaging will disintegrate by at least 90% within 26 weeks and fully biodegrade within 52 weeks when composted at home.

William F. Preston, CEO of BIOLO, shed light on the transformational nature of this launch. He expressed pride in leading a revolution in organic produce packaging, historically dominated by petroleum-based plastics. BIOLO has set its sights on overhauling the packaging sector, pledging to deliver environmentally friendly, high-performance products across various industries.

The partnership between Danimer and BIOLO’s parent company, Columbia Packaging Group, was cemented in 2020. The alliance aims to craft compostable bags and other packaging solutions for various industries, from agriculture and fashion to food services and consumer goods.

Danimer Scientific stands at the forefront of bioplastic innovation. For over ten years, they have championed the cause of sustainable, natural bioplastics. Their biopolymers offer a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics, with applications spanning various everyday products. With a robust portfolio of patents, Danimer is a beacon of hope for a plastic-free environment.

BIOLO is a trailblazer in the manufacture of sustainable and biodegradable packaging solutions. With a mission to replace conventional single-use plastics, BIOLO operates factories across the US. Their objective remains clear as they expand – catering to the surging demand for sustainable and renewable product alternatives.

Image provided. by Danimer Scientific 

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