Ecorobotix's Advanced Agricultural Sprayer Makes Its Debut in North America

Ecorobotix’s Advanced Agricultural Sprayer Makes Its Debut in North America

Ecorobotix, a leading Swiss-based agtech firm, is thrilled to announce the North American debut of its game-changing sprayer, ARA, with its first arrival in Canada. To date, two innovative machines have been sold to Delfland and Ferme Hotte & Van Winden, two premier Canadian vegetable growers supplying major US cities like New York and Boston. Following a brief training period, the ARAs have already begun to impact their respective fields significantly.

Martin Van Winden, from Ferme Hotte & Van Winden, expressed his satisfaction with the ARA’s performance. “The size of ARA is perfect for our vegetable operations. We didn’t need anything but go to the fields, fill the tanks, and start spraying. In addition, we are impressed with its speed—the ability to do such precise spraying (2.4×2.4in) at 4.7 miles/hour. I’m already advocating for other regional farmers to purchase their ARA,” he said.

Guillaume Cloutier, one of the owners of Delfland, mirrored the sentiment. He shared his excitement about incorporating the ARA into their operations, initially within their onion and lettuce fields and subsequently in other crops they cultivate. Cloutier lauded the machine’s ease of use, speed, and cameras’ ability to detect tiny weeds.

Both enterprises intend to utilize ARA to apply various phytosanitary products (herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides). Cloutier noted that the cost savings on product usage could enable the recovery of the ARA’s cost within one to two cropping seasons. Additionally, the benefits of ARA’s use extend beyond 70-95% savings on phytosanitary products to include an increase in crop yields due to the reduction of phytotoxicity and a decrease in manual labor.

Ecorobotix’s CEO, Simon Aspinall, hailed the entry of the first ARA machines into North America as a significant milestone for the company. This geographical expansion aligns with Ecorobotix’s recent $52 million funding round, a portion of which is earmarked to accelerate the firm’s global footprint, starting with the Americas.

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