Ecorobotix's ARA technology enters the US, blending UHP spraying and AI software for advanced, eco-friendly agriculture.
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Ecorobotix’s ARA Enters the U.S. Market

In a significant move towards transforming modern agriculture, Ecorobotix, the pioneering Swiss agtech and AI software company, is making waves with the introduction of its groundbreaking innovation, ARA, to the United States. This agricultural revolution is ready to reshape farming practices with cutting-edge technology, combining advanced UHP-Sprayer™ and Plant-by-Plant™ AI-based software solutions.

Launched in 2021 by Ecorobotix in Switzerland, ARA has steadily carved its path to success. It has gained traction across 13 European countries and more recently expanded its reach to Canada and South America. This rapid growth is a testament to ARA’s unique capabilities and the transformative potential it offers to farmers worldwide.

What sets ARA apart from its competitors is the ingenious amalgamation of Ecorobotix’s advanced UHP-Spray-Technology™ and the AI-driven Plant-by-Plant™ software. In a fraction of a second, this dynamic system scans the agricultural field, captures real-time imagery, identifies the target crops or weeds designated by the farmer, and executes a remarkably precise spray application with a precision as fine as 2.4 by 2.4 inches. All of this is achieved while significantly reducing drift, thus minimizing unintended chemical distribution.

ARA’s current focal point lies in targeted herbicide treatments within vegetable fields. By using ARA, farmers benefit from reduced phytotoxicity and enhanced overall crop yields. This, in turn, leads to substantial profit increases while simultaneously reducing herbicide usage by an impressive 70-95%. Beyond herbicides, ARA’s versatility extends to the precise application of liquid fertilizers, growth treatments, insecticides, and pesticides. This adaptability, combined with its precision, showcases ARA’s unique position in the market.

Ecorobotix’s entry into the US market signifies a significant milestone in its journey. The establishment of its US subsidiary, Ecorobotix Inc., and its membership in the esteemed Western Growers Association (WGA) in California, underlines the company’s commitment to revolutionizing agriculture in the United States. The debut of ARA on American soil was witnessed at the 2023 Farm Tech Days in Wisconsin, in collaboration with Edney Distributing. The technology is also being showcased at the Farm Progress Show in Illinois.

The upcoming FIRA event in Salinas, California, this September, holds immense promise as Ecorobotix Inc. prepares for its inaugural appearance. The event will feature field demonstrations of ARA, providing farmers and industry professionals with a firsthand look at the technology poised to shape the future of American agriculture.

Aurelien G. Demaurex, Co-founder of Ecorobotix, expresses his excitement about the company’s expansion to the US market, stating, “Expanding to the US is a significant milestone for our company. We are eager to witness our innovative technology making a positive impact on agriculture worldwide.” This sentiment encapsulates the broader mission of Ecorobotix – to bring about positive change in agriculture on a global scale.

Ecorobotix’s foundation as a Swiss Certified B Corporation® underscores its commitment to environmental preservation. The company’s transformative vision encompasses reducing chemical and energy consumption while minimizing soil impact. Through ARA and its AI-driven precision, Ecorobotix takes a bold step towards achieving this vision and redefining the landscape of modern agriculture.

As Ecorobotix sets its sights on the American market, the integration of ARA’s groundbreaking technology into US farming practices promises not only increased efficiency and profits but also a more sustainable future for agriculture. With ARA’s precision and adaptability, it’s not just a step forward in farming; it’s a leap toward a greener tomorrow.

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