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Edible Garden AG Announces the Launch of Garden Starters in Retail Locations Across Midwest and Northeast

Edible Garden AG Announces the Launch of Garden Starters in Retail Locations Across Midwest and Northeast

Edible Garden AG Incorporated (Nasdaq: EDBL, EDBLW), a key player in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and a provider of locally grown, organic, and sustainable produce, announced the launch of its innovative product line, Garden Starters. The Garden Starters line features potted herbs and basil bowls designed for planting in home gardens, which will be available at all Meijer retail locations throughout the Midwest and Wakefern/Shoprite retail locations across the Northeast.

CEO of Edible Garden, Jim Kras, expressed excitement about the expanded distribution of Garden Starters, explaining that the initiative first took root at Meijer retail outlets in the Midwest in response to escalating consumer interest. In addition, the product line’s launch came just before Mother’s Day, a timely move given that the period between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day is traditionally considered the prime time for consumers to plant their gardens.

“The move responded to the increasing interest in our potted herbs and their suitability for home gardens. It’s worth noting that 35% of American households grow some of their food. As such, Edible Garden’s sustainably produced herbs and products have become popular among consumers looking to enhance their food flavor,” said Kras. “Garden Starters enables these consumers to buy Edible Garden potted herbs for their home gardens. In addition, we’ve positioned these potted herbs with our cut herbs and sustainably grown produce in the same supermarket section for customer convenience.”

With the strategic aim of maximizing the spring planting season, Edible Garden, in collaboration with its retail partners, will heavily promote the Garden Starters product line. This promotion will be enhanced using unique tower displays designed specifically for each retail location.

The CEO further revealed that Edible Garden AG would use its patented GreenThumb software to monitor consumer trends and guide the successful expansion of Garden Starters throughout its retail distribution network. This move is anticipated to provide an incremental sales opportunity for its retail partners and contribute significantly to Edible Garden’s revenue growth.

Photo by Lavi Perchik on Unsplash

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