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element6 Dynamics Ink Supplier Relationship With Ingram Content Group For Industrial Hemp-Based Paper

AgTech Paper Companies Ink Supplier Relationship For Hemp-Based Pulp

Shawn Morin, CEO and President of Ingram Content Group, has recently joined the board of directors at Element6 Dynamics. Element6 Dynamics has developed a sustainable alternative to tree-based pulp derived from industrial hemp.

The paper and packaging industries have long faced several challenges, including environmental sustainability, rising material costs, and supply chain difficulties. To address these issues, Element6 Dynamics and industry leaders, including Ingram Content Group, have come together to find a solution. Their collaboration resulted in a new material derived from industrial hemp that serves as a regenerative and renewable replacement for traditional tree-based pulp.

Shawn Morin, CEO and President of Ingram Content Group, stated that a significant outcome of the Frankfurt Book Fair this year was how the physical publishing industry is tackling environmental sustainability concerns. He emphasized that their partnership with element6 Dynamics is crucial to their plan to address this essential issue.

Industrial hemp is known for its many environmental benefits, including its regenerative properties, low impact on soil, and ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. These properties make it an attractive alternative to tree-based pulp, associated with deforestation and high production costs. Additionally, the limited supply of trees for pulp production has increased traditional pulp costs, making industrial hemp an economically more attractive option.

“Hemp has historically been a source of pulp for the production of paper; however, no company has yet designed a process to provide pulp at the scale required for today’s consumer uses,” commented the CEO of element6 Dynamics Kim Kovacs. “Our pulp is a competitive, scalable solution that functions within the current paper mill facilities and their infrastructure. The product is a game-changer for paper and packaging producers and the end user.”

Ingram Content Group and Element6 Dynamics have also established a strategic supplier agreement. In addition, Ingram has made a strategic investment in Element6 Dynamics. This collaboration between two industry leaders will bring the benefits of industrial hemp to the masses and help to reduce Scope 3 emissions in the paper and packaging industries.

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