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Elicit Plant Introduces EliSun-a: A Breakthrough in Sunflower Crop Yields

Elicit Plant Introduces EliSun-a: A Breakthrough in Sunflower Crop Yields. AgTech; Plant Science
Key Takeaways
  1. Elicit Plant has announced the launch of EliSun-a, a new agro-ecological innovation designed to increase sunflower yields.
  2. The product is the result of six years of research and focuses on phytosterol-based agro-ecological innovations.
  3. EliSun-a aims to alleviate water stress in sunflower crops, a pressing issue exacerbated by climate change.
  4. The product will be available for order throughout Europe from December 2023, targeting the 2024 growing season.
  5. Elicit Plant continues to innovate in the field of ecological transition for agriculture, with plans to introduce new products for straw cereals by 2025.

The Innovation: EliSun-a

EliSun-a is a product of six years of intensive research and focuses on the development of phytosterol-based agro-ecological innovations. Phytosterols are plant-derived molecules that increase plants’ resistance to stress by eliciting their natural defenses. EliSun-a aims to provide a new technology adapted to large-scale agriculture, offering significant yield improvements for extensive sunflower crops against the backdrop of climate change.

Addressing Water Stress

Water stress is a major concern for agriculture, particularly for field crops like sunflowers that often cannot benefit from integrated irrigation systems. EliSun-a aims to mitigate this issue by enhancing the plants’ natural defenses, thereby making them more resilient to water stress conditions. “Our ambition is to fast-track the agricultural world’s adaptation to manage the rapid changes brought about by climate change,” said Aymeric Molin, farmer and co-founder of Elicit Plant.

Availability and Future Plans

EliSun-a will be available for order from a network of distributors and partners throughout Europe starting in December 2023. This positions the product as a promising solution for the 2024 growing season. Jean-François Dechant, CEO of Elicit Plant, stated that by 2025, the company also plans to introduce new products for straw cereals.

Photo by Jeb Buchman on Unsplash 

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