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Elicit Plant’s Breakthrough in Agri-Biotech

Elicit Plant, a French agri-biotech startup, has expanded into the EU27 market with its innovative EliTerra® technology
Key Takeaways:
  1. European Market Expansion: Elicit Plant, a French agri-biotech startup, has received European registration for its EliTerra® technology-driven products, marking a significant expansion in the EU27 countries.
  2. Innovative Drought Stress Solutions: The company specializes in drought stress mitigation products, with its latest offerings targeting cereals and sunflowers, in addition to its successful maize product, Best-A.
  3. Impact on Agriculture: These products are designed to increase yield under drought conditions, supporting the farm economy and addressing climate change challenges in agriculture.
  4. Substantial Yield Gains: Elicit Plant’s products have demonstrated over 10% average yield gains, with even higher yields under optimal conditions.
  5. Technological Edge: The company’s unique EliTerra® technology is based on the exogenous application of phytosterols, enhancing plant stress resistance and showing significant productivity increases in extensive field trials.
Elicit Plant’s Milestone Achievement

Elicit Plant, a pioneering French agri-biotech startup, has recently achieved a crucial milestone by receiving European registration for its innovative EliTerra® technology-driven products. Under European Regulation 1009-2019, this registration permits the commercialization of two new products in the EU27 countries. This development represents a significant leap in the company’s growth and market presence in Europe and other parts of the world like Brazil and Ukraine.

Expanding Horizons in European Agriculture

Elicit Plant’s entry into the EU27 market signifies a significant opportunity in the agricultural sector, particularly for cereal and sunflower crops. This expansion complements the company’s first product launch, Best-A, which targets drought stress in maize. Together, these products cover a potential area of 48 million hectares, offering innovative solutions to tackle drought stress, a growing concern in contemporary agriculture.

The Trio of Products: Best-A, EliGrain-A, and EliSun-A

The company is introducing three distinct products for different crops: Best-a for corn, EliGrain-a for straw cereals, and EliSun-a for sunflower. Each product has demonstrated significant yield increases under drought conditions, vital in supporting farm economies and mitigating climate change risks.

Impact on Farmers and Agriculture

Jean-François Déchant, co-founder and CEO of Elicit Plant, emphasizes the importance of these products in the current climate change scenario. The increasing water scarcity affecting crops directly impacts growers’ incomes. These products offer practical solutions to reduce water stress in broad-acre crops, maintaining yields during climatic uncertainties, thus helping farmers maintain income levels despite adverse environmental conditions.

Yield Gains and Product Performance

The performance of these products is noteworthy, showing average yield gains of over 10%, with additional yields beyond two tons in optimal conditions. Each product’s unique mode of action ensures consistent performance across broad-acre crops.

About Elicit Plant and Its Vision

Elicit Plant aims to lead the ecological transition for agriculture, addressing the global challenges climate change poses on large-scale crops. Its proprietary EliTerra® technology is centered around the exogenous application of phytosterols, plant-derived molecules that enhance plant stress resistance. With over 500 field trials across three continents, the Eliterra® Platform stands out as a singular solution offering a regular and substantial return on investment for farmers in large-scale crops, with an average increase in productivity of 12%.

Image provided by Elicit Plant

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