European Commission Proposes €100 Million Support Measure for Farmers

European Commission puts 100 million on table for five states

The European Commission presented a proposal today for a €100 million support measure to aid farmers producing cereals and oilseeds in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. This follows the deal reached with these five frontline Member States on April 28. The funds, taken from the agricultural reserve for 2023, will help address logistical bottlenecks resulting from importing certain agri-food products from Ukraine.

In parallel, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia have committed to lifting their unilateral measures on wheat, maize, rapeseed, sunflower seed, and other products from Ukraine. The five countries can supplement this EU support with up to 200% national funds, amounting to a total financial aid of €300 million for affected farmers.

The proposal will be voted on at the next committee meeting of all Member States. If approved, the European Commission will adopt the measure.

Farmers in the Member States bordering Ukraine have expressed concerns about the effects of increased imports of Ukrainian cereals and oilseeds on local markets caused by logistical bottlenecks. Excessive supplies on the market have led to price pressures, storage issues, and increased transportation costs for local farmers.

On April 28, a deal was reached with the four countries and Romania, who are at the forefront of Ukrainian exports via the Solidarity Lanes. On May 2, the Commission adopted exceptional and temporary preventive measures under the ATM Regulation with Ukraine, allowing only the transit of rapeseed, sunflower seeds, maize, and wheat through these countries.

Additionally, the EU is taking action to facilitate the transit of Ukrainian grain exports via the Solidarity Lanes to the most needy regions. In response to the effects of excessive imports from Ukraine, the Commission has already adopted a support measure worth €56.3 million, financed by the agricultural reserve, dedicated to Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania.

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