Europe Vertical Farm: Navigating High's & Low's
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Europe’s Indoor Vertical Farming: Navigating Highs & Lows

Europe’s indoor vertical farming industry is currently undergoing a dynamic phase, with several startups successfully raising funds for their equipment. Although the Netherlands is a hub for indoor vertical farming, the sector faces numerous challenges, including high initial costs, energy consumption, and a shortage of skilled labor. However, there are also opportunities in the form of sustainability and a growing consumer demand for locally-grown produce. It’s important to note that this sector is vulnerable to technological disruptions and cyber threats.


Technological Innovation & Investments

The indoor vertical farming industry in Europe is currently in a dynamic phase, characterized by a surge in technological advancements and robust investment activities despite a contraction. Apart from the companies mentioned in the table, there are others such as Avisomo, which secured $2.5 million in funding to aid its development, and Skytree, which secured $6 million to further its direct air capture technology for climate change mitigation.

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