Ever. Ag Appoints Mike Sargent As President


Mike Sargent has been appointed by Ever.Ag to the newly established position of President. As President, Mr. Sargent will lead innovation, bring Ever.Ag’s business strategic emphasis and operational excellence. He will answer to Scott Sexton, the CEO of the business. Mike Sargent has previously held top roles at Computer Associates, Riverbed Technologies, Aternity, and Single Digits. He has vast expertise in driving significant transitions in the software sector.

Mr. Sargent spent 18 years as a senior partner at the global management consulting company Oliver Wyman before entering the software sector. Mike Sargent was added to Ever and oversaw the Communications, Media, and Technology practice during his employment. The leadership team at Ag exemplifies the firm’s dedication to fostering innovation and generating value for its clients in the agricultural sector.

The Impact of Software on Agriculture: How Technology is Revolutionizing Farming

The agricultural industry is amid a technological revolution, with software significantly driving innovation and efficiency. The software is used across the entire agriculture value chain, from precision farming to supply chain management.

The capability of software to gather and analyze data is one of its main advantages in agriculture. Farmers may monitor everything from crop growth to soil moisture levels using sensors and other data-collecting technologies, enabling them to decide when and how to fertilize, irrigate, and harvest crops. The program may also streamline supply chain management, monitor the flow of items from the farm to the market, and ensure they arrive on time and efficiently. The software will become more crucial in determining the direction of agriculture as technology develops.

Image provided by Ever.Ag

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