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Ever.Ag & Austin Data Labs: Pioneering AgTech’s Future Together

Ever.Ag joins forces with Austin Data Labs, reshaping AgTech with a focus on sustainable, transparent global food supply chains.
Key Takeaways
  • Strategic Acquisition: Ever.Ag has acquired Austin Data Labs, a leading AI and data science firm, to bolster its agricultural software solutions and create a more cohesive agricultural supply chain.
  • Integrated Capabilities: Combining Ever.Ag’s existing data infrastructure with Austin Data Labs’ AI prowess offers unprecedented value across the entire food supply chain.
  • Focus on Transparency and Efficiency: The acquisition underscores Ever.Ag’s dedication to fostering transparent, efficient farm-to-table solutions.
  • Financial Risk and Ethical Commitment: Financial risk remains a core offering for Ever.Ag, including Austin Data Labs, enhances its data analytics, strengthening its dedication to ethical market practices.
  • Shared Mission: Both companies share the vision of enabling data-driven decisions that promote sustainability and resilience in the agricultural sector.
A Union of AI and AgTech to Reinvent Global Food Supply Chains

In an era where food security and supply chain transparency are paramount, Ever.Ag has made a groundbreaking move by acquiring Austin Data Labs, a vanguard in the AI and data science realm, Ever.Ag signifies a paradigm shift in agricultural technology.

Scott Sexton, the CEO of Ever.Ag encapsulates the essence of this union, “By acquiring Austin Data Labs, we’ve taken a revolutionary step towards redefining the agricultural data landscape globally… we’re poised to unlock unprecedented value across the entire food supply chain.”

Historically, the agricultural sector has grappled with isolated operations, making comprehensive data management a challenge. However, Austin Data Labs, known for its cutting-edge solutions, fills this gap splendidly. Its capabilities are set to supercharge Ever.Ag’s portfolio spans crops, dairy, livestock, and the food and beverage sector. This integration is not merely a technological enhancement but a reaffirmation of Ever.Ag’s commitment to transparent and efficient farm-to-table solutions.

Simon Drake, the CEO and Co-Founder of Austin Data Labs, sees this as a momentous occasion. “Joining Ever.Ag marked an important moment for Austin Data Labs and the wider agriculture supply chain… Together, we’re actively shaping the future of AgTech and food systems.”

A significant aspect of this partnership is Ever.Ag’s financial risk business. With the infusion of Austin Data Labs’ prowess, the focus on data analytics will be magnified, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of ethical practices and market fairness.

Together, Ever.Ag and Austin Data Labs represent hope for a more sustainable, resilient agricultural sector. With their combined expertise, they aim to build “Everything Agriculture” – a realm where data-driven decisions reign supreme.

About Ever. Ag

Serving as a cornerstone in the agricultural landscape, Ever.Ag offers comprehensive solutions that span across the supply chain. With a focus on innovation, risk management, and market intelligence, the company empowers stakeholders to operate with unparalleled efficiency and insight.

About Austin Data Labs

Austin Data Labs is a torchbearer in AI-based data science for the global food supply chain. With its presence felt globally, it is committed to crafting award-winning data solutions that address today’s challenges and foresees future demands in the global commodity agriculture and food and beverage industry.

Image provided by Austin Data Labs

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