Ever.Ag's acquisition of Roger® merges data analytics and real-time logistics for efficient and transparent agricultural supply chains.
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Ever.Ag’s Acquisition of Roger®

In a move that signifies a significant stride in advancing agriculture technology, Ever.Ag proudly announced its acquisition of Roger®, a pioneer in bulk agriculture commodity trucking technology and logistics. The collaboration is poised to revolutionize the industry’s supply chains and logistics, enabling Ever.Ag to offer an even more comprehensive range of solutions to feed a rapidly growing world.

Roger was born from the collaboration of several prominent players in the agriculture industry, including The Andersons Inc., Cargill, Consolidated Grain and Barge, Koch Fertilizer, The Scoular Company, and Bushel. This conglomerate of industry leaders shared a common vision: to create a neutral and digitized logistics platform that would streamline bulk ag hauling. The past year saw Roger’s charter member companies recognizing the need for advanced technical and analytical capabilities to propel the platform into tremendous success.Now, under the wing of Ever.Ag, Roger is poised to evolve even further. The acquisition presents a unique synergy of Ever.Ag’s state-of-the-art data analytics tools and Roger’s real-time logistics information create a seamless flow of insights that will undoubtedly revolutionize the management of agricultural supply chains.

One of the standout features of this acquisition is its profound impact on the quality and immediacy of logistics information available to customers by combining Roger’s up-to-date and reliable hauling information with Ever.Ag’s advanced data analytics tools, clients will have near-real-time access to crucial logistics insights. This transformative development will empower businesses to make well-informed, strategic, and profitable decisions, setting new standards for efficiency and transparency in the industry. Scott Sexton, CEO of Ever.Ag aptly summarized the potential of this partnership, stating, “Roger provides a robust solution for bulk ag trucking and logistics that is traceable, efficient, and reliable. Combining Roger with Ever.Ag’s data analytics tools will give customers the near-real-time logistics information they need to make better business decisions.”

Ever.Ag’s overarching mission to empower the entire agriculture supply chain, from farm to table, aligns seamlessly with Roger’s commitment to digitizing and optimizing bulk freight networks. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in realizing this shared vision with Ever.Ag’s extensive experience and innovative solutions enhance Roger’s capabilities and reach. The agriculture industry faces mounting challenges as it strives to feed an ever-expanding global population while ensuring sustainability and efficiency—the amalgamation of Ever.Ag and Roger bring forth a robust toolset enabling stakeholders to operate with greater transparency, traceability, and precision across the supply chain.

As Ever.Ag and Roger embark on this transformative journey; it is evident that the landscape of agriculture technology is shifting. The combined strengths of these two industry leaders promise to revolutionize the way logistics and supply chains are managed, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, transparency, and profitability. This acquisition does not just represent a business transaction; it embodies a vision to shape the future of agriculture for the better. As Jeff Schreiner, CEO of Roger, aptly put it, “The key to Roger’s success is being able to provide better data-driven insights that allow customers to make more informed and profitable decisions for their business.” With this partnership, the future of agriculture looks brighter and more sustainable than ever.

Image provided by Ever.Ag

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