FCI teams up with CamoAg, integrating Client Intelligence for advanced data insights, streamlining Ag-financial services in southern Illinois
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Farm Credit Illinois Partners with CamoAg

In a move showcasing technology’s growing influence in the agricultural lending sector, Farm Credit Illinois (FCI) has announced its strategic collaboration with CamoAg, a cutting-edge software company based in Illinois. This partnership aims to revolutionize how FCI provides financial services to farm families across the southern 60 counties of Illinois. The introduction of CamoAg’s Client Intelligence product signifies a significant step forward in FCI’s mission to offer its members reliable and consistent credit services.

CamoAg’s Client Intelligence product empowers FCI’s loan officers, crop insurance agents, and appraisal staff with comprehensive and contextual insights about farmers and landowners. This innovative solution condenses vast amounts of data into easily accessible information, granting FCI staff a 360-degree view of the cooperative’s marketplace. By consolidating data such as mortgage information, UCC filings, farmland values, and market trends, the tool enables FCI to enhance its market knowledge and streamline its operations. One of the key benefits of this integration is the reduction in manual data entry, freeing up valuable time and resources that can be redirected toward improving member services.

Shaun Murray, Chief Marketplace Officer at Farm Credit Illinois, highlighted the potential of CamoAg’s Client Intelligence product as a transformative addition to their operations. “CamoAg’s Client Intelligence product will be an effective sales tool for our team and fill a gap in our marketplace knowledge,” he said. This sentiment underscores the significance of technology in bridging information gaps and enabling financial institutions like FCI to support better their core mission of assisting farm families.

CamoAg’s collaboration with AgWare, a recent development, further solidifies its commitment to serving the agricultural lending sector. This commitment aligns with FCI’s vision of delivering an exceptional member experience and making informed business decisions. The combination of technology-driven insights and industry expertise places Farm Credit Illinois in a favorable position to enhance its member experience and expand its ag lending portfolio.

Corbett Kull, CEO of CamoAg, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “We’re honored to be selected by Farm Credit Illinois. Our Client Intelligence product consolidates data and provides actionable insights to ag lenders and agribusinesses. We believe it will be a valuable addition to Farm Credit Illinois’ operations.” This sentiment reflects the shared commitment of both organizations to drive innovation in the agricultural sector.

Farm Credit Illinois (FCI) is a cooperative specializing in agricultural lending, owned by over 18,000 farmers, rural landowners, and agribusiness voting stockholder members across the southern 60 counties of Illinois. Dedicated to its mission of “Helping Farm Families Succeed,” FCI offers competitive and flexible financing, crop insurance expertise, and Rural 1st® country life lending. With a portfolio management of $6 billion, coverage of 1.5 million acres in crop insurance, and a team of 280 professionals across its headquarters and regional offices, FCI is committed to fostering rural communities and supporting the future of agriculture through reliable credit and financial services.

CamoAg is a forward-thinking software company based in Illinois, specializing in delivering software solutions to agricultural businesses. With a focus on solving data management challenges, streamlining internal workflows, and enhancing customer experiences through digital platforms, CamoAg is at the forefront of digital innovation in agriculture. This partnership with Farm Credit Illinois underscores CamoAg’s dedication to driving positive change in the industry by providing actionable insights and efficient tools to agribusinesses.

The selection of CamoAg’s Client Intelligence product by Farm Credit Illinois is a testament to the transformative power of technology in Ag lending and agribusiness. As Farm Credit Associations strive to offer more comprehensive and efficient services, partnerships like this are pivotal in achieving those goals. By harnessing CamoAg’s innovative tools, FCI stands poised to elevate its member offerings, strengthen relationships, and contribute to the continued growth and success of farm families in Illinois.

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