FarmByte has partnered with Archisen to launch automated vertical farming for Asian greens in Johor, Malaysia.
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FarmByte & Archisen: Pioneering Urban Farming in Malaysia

FarmByte and Archisen have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a collaborative joint venture in a significant move towards urban farming. The partnership will focus on setting up an automated vertical indoor farm designed for Asian greens in Johor, Malaysia.

This collaborative effort was given formal recognition in the presence of the Menteri Besar of Johor, YAB Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi. Leading this partnership are Syed Aiman Kifli Syed Jaafar, the CEO of FarmByte Sdn Bhd, and Vincent Wei, the CEO of Archisen Pte Ltd. Both leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to merging their technical prowess and resources for this pioneering venture.

FarmByte’s primary role will be to set up the farming infrastructure and use its deep knowledge of the local market. On the other hand, Archisen, renowned for its technical acumen, will offer guidance on indoor farming methodologies and intricate technological aspects like automation and data analytics. They will also oversee FarmByte employee training, ensuring proficiency in contemporary vertical farming techniques.

Vertical farming has increased in Singapore and Malaysia, highlighting their renewed focus on food security and self-sustenance. Singapore’s ’30 by 30′ initiative is a testament to the significance of vertical farming. This initiative aims to produce 30% of the nation’s food needs domestically by 2030. Malaysia shares a similar vision, emphasizing increasing local food production and achieving self-sufficiency, especially for vital food items like fruits and vegetables.

FarmByte, a brainchild of the JCorp Agrofood Strategic Plan, emerged in response to this vision. Launched earlier this year, it aims to reinforce Johor and Malaysia’s food security mission. With a digital-first approach, Farmbyte is on the path to revolutionizing the agri-food sector, ensuring that farmers can produce high-value crops of excellent quality.

Syed Aiman emphasized the importance of digitization in the agrofood sector. He expressed excitement over the partnership with Archisen, appreciating their expertise in urban farming, particularly noting Singapore’s leadership in the sector. “This aligns seamlessly with FarmByte’s aim to metamorphose Malaysia’s agri-food domain,” he said.

Sharing this enthusiasm, Mr Wei remarked, “The shared vision of Archisen and FarmByte to improve food resilience is the foundation of this alliance. We’re driven by the goal of boosting farming efficiency through technology, ensuring everyone’s wellbeing.”

As a JCorp enterprise, FarmByte is heralding a transformative phase in Malaysia’s agri-food realm. The company harnesses technology to offer transparent solutions at all stages of the agrofood process. This bolsters national food security and promotes efficient production and superior product quality. They collaborate with various stakeholders in the value chain to expand opportunities across the board.

Archisen, headquartered in Singapore, is at the forefront of agritech innovation. The company’s achievements include operating one of Singapore’s most productive indoor farms, with an impressive yield projection of 100 tonnes annually. Through its premier brand, Just Produce, Archisen caters to Singapore’s top retailers. Their unique offering, Cropdom, provides a complete urban farm management solution, making them unparalleled in their field.

Image provided by Archisen

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