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FarmWise Unveils Latest Product At World Ag Expo®

FarmWise Unveils New Product, Vulcan

The introduction of FarmWise’s latest weeding implement, Vulcan, is considered by the company to be a game-changer for the agriculture industry. This innovative machine utilizes cutting-edge computer vision technology to remove weeds with sub-inch precision. It is a cost-efficient, reliable, and precise solution for farmers looking to control weed growth in their vegetable crops. This revolutionary technology has earned Vulcan a coveted spot on the World Ag Expo®‘s 2023 Top-10 New Products list, solidifying its position as a game-changer in the industry.

What sets the Vulcan cultivator apart from other wedding implements is its ability to remove inter-row and intra-row, offering high visibility and reliable weed control in all lighting conditions. In addition, the machine’s fully open architecture is a unique feature that enables farmers to monitor and control weed growth easily. It is the first intra-row cultivator to offer this feature, a significant advantage for farmers looking to optimize their weed control efforts.

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Vulcan comes in two models, a single- and a triple-bed, with the ability to weed from 1 to 8 lines per bed. In addition, its lightweight construction, weighing under 3,500 pounds, allows it to be pulled by any standard tractor, making it an accessible and versatile farming tool. Farmers can quickly move the machine in and out of fields and reconfigure it to handle various setups, which is another notable advantage.

FarmWise’s Vulcan also features a teleoperations program that allows farmers to monitor the machine’s real-time performance. The program provides timely support delivered by the company’s experienced technicians and fabricators, ensuring that farmers have the assistance they need to keep their machines running at peak performance. Pre-orders for the single- and triple-bed Vulcan models are now available on the FarmWise website, with deliveries scheduled to begin in late Q3 2023.

Image provided by FarmWise

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