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Food Supply Chain Cybersecurity: Dhanuka Agritech Partners with SentinelOne

Food Supply Chain Cybersecurity: Dhanuka Agritech Partners with SentinelOne

Dhanuka Agritech Limited, India’s leading agritech firm, announced today its partnership with SentinelOne (NYSE: S), a top-tier cybersecurity platform, to safeguard its expansive supply chain against cyber threats. This move supports the security of India’s food supply, a critical concern in an era of increasing cyber-attacks.

Kapil Mehrotra, CTO of Dhanuka Agritech, expressed concern over the growing threat of cyber attacks in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With the agritech industry’s vast supply chain becoming increasingly vulnerable, he noted that SentinelOne could protect every link, safeguarding vital global infrastructure.

Dhanuka, a significant entity in the agrochemical sector and a vital part of India’s food supply chain cybersecurity operates three manufacturing plants and 39 warehouses throughout the country. The company relies on a network of 6,500 distributors and 75,000 dealers to disseminate its products to the farmers who sustain the nation’s increasing population.

“With a considerable digital presence, threats to our food supply chain cybersecurity can originate from numerous sources – the network, the endpoint, your server, or any USB access you have permitted,” highlighted Mehrotra.

To fortify its food supply chain cybersecurity, Dhanuka is integrating SentinelOne’s Singularity™ Platform into its operations. This autonomous security platform offers comprehensive visibility, protection, and response, utilizing AI to maximize enterprise visibility and automate responses across the security ecosystem, thereby enhancing food supply chain cybersecurity.

Mehrotra underscored the need for continuous improvement in bolstering food supply chain cybersecurity. He voiced confidence that by incorporating SentinelOne’s AI-driven security, Dhanuka will be capable of detecting, responding to, and remediating threats with enhanced speed and efficiency.

The adoption of SentinelOne aligns with Dhanuka’s mission to revolutionize India through agriculture. “By adopting SentinelOne, we are not only safeguarding our operations from cyber threats and driving our growth, but we are also extending the advantages of the market’s top technology to the Indian farming community, thereby bolstering the cybersecurity and guaranteeing the safety of our nation’s food supply,” stated Mehrotra.

Photo by B Udaykiran on Unsplash 


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