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Fraise d’Hiver: Quebec’s Sustainable Strawberry Revolution

Fraise d'Hiver brings sustainable, year-round strawberries to Quebec, combining innovative vertical farming and eco-friendly practices.
Key Takeaways:
  1. Year-Round Availability: Fraise d’hiver strawberries, an innovative product, are now available throughout all seasons, providing Quebec consumers with a fresh, local option even in winter.
  2. Innovative and Sustainable Production: Utilizing vertical farming and sustainable growing practices, these strawberries are produced environmentally friendly, using rainwater and ensuring minimal waste.
  3. Conscious Packaging: A collaboration with Tilton led to the creation of fully recyclable packaging manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, extending the product’s shelf life and reducing environmental impact.
  4. Dedicated Branding and Marketing: Fraise d’Hiver embraces a fresh branding approach with a new website, vibrant social media presence, and robust marketing strategies to bring this innovative product closer to consumers.
  5. Supportive Retail Partnership: Fraise d’hiver strawberries are backed by Sobeys and its associated banners, championing the drive to promote local, sustainable, and innovative produce to consumers across Quebec.
Blossoming Throughout Winters: Fraise d’Hiver Strawberries

In a grand breakthrough for fruit lovers, Fraise d’Hiver strawberries now promise to bring summer’s sweet, succulent tastes to the wintry days in Quebec. Adhering to environmentally conscious production and packaging methodologies, this innovation is a testament to what can be achieved through technology, sustainability, and dedicated local production.

Nurturing Innovation: Vertical Farming Techniques

Winter Farm, specializing in agrotechnology, has ingeniously exploited vertical farming to create a controlled environment where these strawberries are hand-harvested from a staggering 14-story-high structure. This innovative methodology utilizes rainwater, with a remarkable 90% of it being recirculated throughout the growing process, ensuring that production is sustainable and resource-efficient. The systematic control of the farming environment further mitigates production losses, substantially reducing food waste.

A Fresh Brand Image: Strategies for Engaging Consumers

Understanding the importance of connecting with consumers, Fraise d’Hiver has revitalized its brand image to highlight its strawberries’ unique taste, health, and environmental benefits. A new website, curated as an informational and interactive platform, introduces consumers to delectable recipes and enlightening content on vertical farming. The bolstered social media presence seeks to forge a community of consumers who appreciate the fresh, local produce and the innovations behind them.

Melding Sustainability with Packaging: A Forward-Thinking Approach

In a progressive collaboration with Tilton, a packaging manufacturer from Quebec City, Fraise d’Hiver has crafted a fully recyclable packaging solution. Comprising 100% post-consumer recycled plastic sourced directly from curbside recycling, the container ensures that the strawberries enjoy an extended shelf life while minimizing the product’s carbon footprint. The paper film sealing the container also adheres to the brand’s sustainable ethos by being fully recyclable, assuring consumers that their purchase supports environmental sustainability.

Fostering Retail Partnerships: A Symbiotic Relationship

With Sobeys as a stalwart supporter and distributor, Fraise d’Hiver strawberries will be permeating retail shelves, marking a victory for local products in the retail space. Sobeys, recognizing the exceptional quality and the unique offering of Fraise d’Hiver, has enabled its distribution across various banners like IGA, IGA extra, Rachelle-Béry, Les Marchés Tradition, and Marché Bonichoix. This partnership amplifies this innovative product’s reach and underscores the growing consumer demand for local and sustainably produced options.

Fraise d’Hiver strawberries epitomize a harmonious marriage between technological innovation and sustainability embedded within a product that tantalizes the taste buds while respecting the environment. This innovative initiative, supported by diligent production, responsible packaging, strategic marketing, and robust retail partnerships, paves the way towards a future where consumers can relish fresh, local produce year-round without compromising taste, quality, or environmental values. Through consumer support and continued innovations, the journey of Fraise d’Hiver strawberries may be the precursor for similar sustainable practices and products in the future of agriculture and retail.

Image provided by Fraise d’Hiver strawberries

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