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French Government Unveils 200M Euro Fund To Increase Local Production & 400M Euro Fund To Increase Technology Adoption

France Plan To Boost agriculture production

France’s Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau has recently announced a ‘sovereignty plan’ to increase the production and consumption of locally-grown fruits and vegetables. At the Salon de l’Agriculture event, he revealed that nearly half of the fruit and vegetables consumed in France are imported, leading to a loss of sovereignty in the domestic market. As a solution, the French government has allocated €200 million towards the plan, with an additional €300 million available to private investors.

The fund aims to support small and medium-sized agricultural businesses in increasing competitiveness and boosting automation. It will also provide development capital to these businesses to expand their operations. This move is part of France’s more extensive efforts to promote domestic agriculture and decrease reliance on imported produce. With the fund’s implementation, local farmers are expected to have a better chance at supplying the growing demand for fresh fruits and vegetables while promoting the country’s economic growth.

During The Show, The Agriculture Minister Launched The France 2030 Equipment For The 3rd Agriculture Revolution Plan

France’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Marc Fesneau, has launched a €400 million fund to support farmers purchasing innovative equipment in all territories. The France 2030 system “Equipment for the third agricultural revolution” aims to fully deploy innovation at the heart of farms, with €100 million of the fund earmarked for the fruit and vegetable sectors. The system is intended to strengthen the resilience and adaptation of French agriculture in the face of climate change, decarbonization, and the optimization of resources, among other challenges.

The fund provides direct aid to support all players in the agricultural world, including individual and collective farmers, cooperatives, technical institutes, and agricultural colleges, in acquiring innovative equipment, solutions, and materials. Examples include greenhouses, sensors, decision support tools, innovative sprayers, biocontrol and biofertilization solutions, and agrivoltaism. This investment support window will massify innovation in agriculture, enabling farmers to strengthen the resilience of their farms and contribute to food sovereignty. The scheme represents a tremendous lever for action in the agricultural world, ensuring that farmers have the resources they need to transition to more sustainable production methods.

Photo by Rafael Garcin on Unsplash 


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