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Freight Farms Introduces Its New Line Of Hydroponic Nutrients

AgTech company, Freight Farms unveils new line of hydroponic nutrients

Freight Farms, a company that develops and implements innovative agricultural solutions, recently launched a new line of hydroponic nutrients called Farmhand. The product line consists of three components: Farmhand form, grow, and boost, each designed to provide essential macro and micronutrients to support healthy plant growth in hydroponic systems.

The company conducted over 160 trials to compare its new nutrient line against a comparable nutrient blend. The trials showed an average yield increase of 30% when using Farmhand nutrients, suggesting that the new product line could provide farmers with a competitive advantage in the agricultural industry.

Farmhand form provides nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium, while Farmhand grows necessary macro and micronutrients for healthy vegetative growth. The third component, Farmhand boost, contains two sources of nitrogen and sulfur to balance the nutrient levels in the water and accelerate plant growth. Farmers can use the three components together as a flexible, balanced blend of macro and micronutrients to support their crops.

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According to the company’s statement, one of the critical benefits of the Farmhand nutrient line is its ability to extend the life of water in recirculating systems. By balancing the water and actively absorbing the necessary nutrients, the Farmhand nutrients can help reduce water waste and increase the overall efficiency of hydroponic systems. In addition, the complete nutritional program offered by the three-part nutrient formula is suitable for a wide variety of crops, making it a versatile tool for farmers.

While the results of the trials conducted by Freight Farms are promising, it is essential to note that the company completed the testing. Therefore, further independent testing would be beneficial to validate the findings. Introducing the Farmhand nutrient line offers farmers an alternative option to support healthy plant growth and potentially increase their yields. Increased yields could increase farmers’ revenue, making Freight Farming a more profitable endeavor.

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