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GoMacro® Continues Support for Farm Sanctuary

GoMacro®, renowned for its organic, plant-based nutrition bars, is thrilled to announce its seventh consecutive partnership with Farm Sanctuary, the pioneering farm animal sanctuary in the United States. 

Throughout May, a portion of the net proceeds from GoMacro’s Protein Replenishment MacroBar® will be donated to Farm Sanctuary. This contribution will support the nonprofit organization’s mission and ongoing efforts to foster compassionate and sustainable living.

Jola Sonkin, the Co-Founder and CEO of GoMacro, stated that their passion for promoting a balanced, plant-based lifestyle aligns with Farm Sanctuary’s dedication to fostering kind and honest vegan living. Additionally, as one of their five principles, GoMacro believes in giving back, and partnering with Farm Sanctuary is a way to put their values into action.

Farm Sanctuary was established in 1986 to challenge the abuses of livestock, advocate for institutional reforms, and promote a new understanding of farm animals and plant-based living. The organization cares for over 600 rescued farm animals at their New York and California sanctuaries. These animals serve as ambassadors, educating millions of people about the detrimental effects of factory farming on health, the planet, and social justice.

Sonkin shared that the original recipe for MacroBars was developed on their family farm in Wisconsin, which they fondly call “Posilippo,” a Greek term meaning “pause from pain.” The farm remains a cherished gathering place for their family, offering stunning views and relaxation. Additionally, they express gratitude for being able to support the Farm Sanctuary and raise awareness for the cause of providing rescued farm animals with peaceful lives.

Furthermore, to the Protein Replenishment MacroBar, GoMacro has three other Give Back Bars®: Everlasting Joy®, Smooth Sanctuary®, and Sunny Uplift®. Each of these bars supports a different nonprofit organization, such as Feeding San Diego, Solutions for Change, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and The Keep a Breast Foundation. Again, this showcases GoMacro’s dedication to addressing essential issues throughout the year.

Image provided by GoMacro®

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