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GoodLeaf Farms To Inaugurate A Vertical Farm in Quebec

Canadian Vertical Farm GoodLeaf Farms Envision Aggresive Growth Plans

By the middle of 2023, GoodLeaf Farms, one of Canada’s leading vertical farming companies, announced plans to inaugurate a climate-controlled indoor farm in Longueuil. In Quebec, grocery retailers and the hospitality industry will get 1.9 million pounds of microgreens and baby greens from the 100,000-square-foot vertical farm.

Comments from Barry Murchie, CEO of GoodLeaf Farms “In order to provide Canadians from coast to coast with year-round access to fresh, sustainably produced leafy greens, GoodLeaf is developing a nationwide network of vertical farms. Our brand-new farm in Longueuil is ideally situated to serve all Quebec consumers through merchants and food service providers. We are eager to collaborate with our forward-thinking colleagues in Quebec, who have shrewdly developed a Provincial strategy that acknowledges the need for creative, novel approaches to agriculture. Quebec and Canada will soon have more control over their food security and a significant decrease in their reliance on imported food.”

More than 70 new jobs are anticipated to be created by the project, many of which will involve advanced technology and high levels of expertise. Microgreens and baby greens are produced by GoodLeaf Farms in a hydroponic system that consumes 95% less water than an open-field farm would. Carbon emissions are greatly reduced by local economic growth and a decrease in the number of trucks on the road.

Vice President of Foreign Investments at Montréal International, Alexandre Lagarde “Greater Montréal is a highly fertile field for businesses like GoodLeaf because of its advantageous geographic position, availability of renewable energy, and a sizable population of “locavores.” In perfect harmony with a highly popular trend, vertical farming technology delivers to our plates healthy, fresh food that is developed and produced locally. Additionally, it aids in lowering carbon emissions and other pollutants, which is another crucial goal for Montréal International as we work to create a sustainable, green economy.”

Currently, 90% of the leafy greens in Quebec’s supermarkets are trucked in from the American southwest. No of the season or environment, GoodLeaf’s farms provide a reliable source of green food all year round.

Image provided by GoodLeaf Farms

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