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Gotham Greens Launches Advanced Greenhouse in Colorado

Gotham Greens, a rapidly expanding indoor farming brand, has inaugurated its second, advanced hydroponic greenhouse in Colorado, marking its eleventh facility nationwide. Situated in the Great Western Industrial Park, Windsor, this 140,000-square-foot facility is the first among three greenhouses that the company plans to launch this year. This new establishment in Colorado is a significant expansion from its initial Denver Metro greenhouse, which began operations in 2020. The new greenhouse is almost five times the size of the original and aims to offer an increased supply of fresh produce all year round to various sectors, including retail and food service.

Since its inception in Colorado, Gotham Greens has generated over 85 employment opportunities and has positioned itself as a dominant greenhouse farming brand in the region. Colorado Governor Jared Polis highlighted the importance of innovative technologies like those used by Gotham Greens in addressing water scarcity challenges and ensuring a sustainable agricultural future for the state. He emphasized that the company’s efforts provide fresh, local produce to Coloradans and play a crucial role in conserving essential resources.

The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its approach. Gotham Greens utilizes hydroponic systems in its advanced greenhouses, which consume up to 95% less water and 97% less land than traditional farming methods. This approach ensures a consistent fresh food supply, irrespective of seasonal changes or geographical constraints. Viraj Puri, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Gotham Greens, expressed pride in the brand’s expansion and its dedication to offering fresh, quality, and sustainably grown produce.

A notable aspect of Gotham Greens’ sustainability initiatives is its packaging. The produce from the new facility will be packed using a resealable, lidded film, which reduces plastic usage by over 40%. The company’s products are in over 6,500 retail outlets nationwide, with over 250 stores in Colorado alone.

Eric Haley, Co-Founder and CFO of Gotham Greens, emphasized the significance of the new greenhouse in the company’s growth trajectory and the agricultural future of Colorado. He pointed out the company’s ability to convert non-arable land into productive greenhouses using advanced indoor farming technology.

In addition to its commercial operations, Gotham Greens is deeply committed to community engagement. The company collaborates with local non-profits like the Food Bank of the Rockies and the Weld Food Bank to address food insecurity. Last year, Gotham Greens donated over 44,000 pounds of food to those in need and provided over 27,000 seedlings for community gardens and educational initiatives.

Image provided by Gotham Greens

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