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Greenlux & Valoya Updates on Planned Merger

Back in March, the two Finland-based LED lighting manufacturers agreed on merging to become a “stronger unit that can share competencies accumulated over time and accelerate the development of both companies”. Strengthening the customer service and supply chain capabilities was also a primordial objective in this operation as the two companies can leverage their customer base as well as international operation (Greenlux Finland has ownership in an Indian-based manufacturing partner, eAge).

The company today provided an update on the operation on their social media channels:

“The merger process between Greenlux Finland Oy and Valoya Oy is proceeding as planned. The companies have now moved to combined premises at Mekaanikonkatu 1, 00880 Helsinki, Finland. With immense pleasure, we announce that the new company’s name will be Greenlux Lighting Solutions Ltd.” Valoya stated on its channel.

The two companies share a common owner Mikael Broman, founder and former Chairman of the Board of Greenlux Finland Oy, who has been appointed as the CEO of the new company – Greenlux Lighting Solutions Ltd. He provides the needed support for the company to come together successfully with his extensive experience, vision, and passion for the lighting industry and the company’s future.

Founded in 2009, Valoya has since grown beyond Finland reaching markets such as the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States, selling their patented technology in horticulture LEDs, traditional greenhouse lights, or fluorescent lights. On the other hand, Greenlux Finland is an LED lighting solution provider and has been acquired in 2014 by a German-based investment company, LVS-Capital Gmbh.

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