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Greenvale and Trinity AgTech: A Partnership for a More Sustainable and Low-Carbon Future in Potato Farming

Greenvale and Trinity AgTech Form A Partnership For Potato Industry

Greenvale AP Ltd, a leading producer of potatoes, has partnered with Trinity AgTech to improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions in the potato growing industry. The partnership aims to fulfill consumer and supply chain demand for low-carbon produce and help Greenvale update its environmental strategy.

Greenvale AP Ltd has chosen Trinity AgTech’s natural capital navigator, Sandy, to roll out to farms across the country. Sandy is known for its breadth and ability to help companies credibly reduce their carbon outputs. Sandy will help Greenvale identify areas for carbon reduction and set ambitious targets to achieve its goals.


“We haven’t come across another natural capital navigator which offered the breadth that Sandy offers.” Joann Reid, Technical Director, Greenvale AP Ltd, “The long-term aim of this new partnership is to create financial, environmental, and social resilience for Greenvale growers by capturing scientific data and analysis which growers can use to pinpoint areas of opportunity accurately,”

In today’s fast-paced world, the agricultural industry is facing new challenges, and the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products is increasing. Companies must make informed decisions based on credible data and evidence to address these challenges. This is where the partnership with Trinity AgTech comes into play. By partnering with Trinity AgTech, Greenvale will have access to the latest technology and data-driven solutions that will help them make informed decisions and reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition, the natural capital navigator, Sandy, will provide Greenvale with the data it needs to understand its environmental impact and identify areas for improvement. This data will also help Greenvale set ambitious targets to achieve its sustainability goals. The results will be captured and analyzed to continuously improve the company’s environmental strategy. The partnership with Trinity AgTech will play a vital role in helping Greenvale achieve its sustainability goals and further solidifying its position as an innovative leader in the agriculture industry.

Photo by Hai Nguyen on Unsplash 

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