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Guyana Signs an MOU With Israeli Company For A USD 15M Hydroponic Project

Guyana Hydroponic Project

The Israeli business KARLICO INC. and Guyana’s Ministry of Agriculture have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU will open the door for Guyana to construct a sizable hydroponic production system project. Zulfikar Mustapha, the agriculture minister, said in October that the government was in negotiations with Israeli businessmen who had shown interest in establishing a sizable hydroponics project.

The creation of a significant hydroponic production system project in Guyana is now possible thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that the Guyanan government and the Israeli business KARLICO INC. inked on Wednesday, the Guyana Ministry of Agriculture reports. Zulfikar Mustapha, the agriculture minister, said in October last year that the government was in negotiations with Israeli businessmen who had shown interest in creating a sizable hydroponic project.

At the time, Minister Mustapha told reporters that the Israelis were only one group of investors interested in establishing hydroponic systems in Guyana. Additionally, he said that the hydroponic project will be included in the existing shade house project on Demerara’s East Coast. Agri-tech and agricultural project development, finance, building, and management are purported specialties of the KARLIGO INC. team of regional and worldwide professionals.

The project will use a three-phase hydroponic production system based on nutrient film methods and soilless production systems, with an estimated cost of USD $15,750,000. These systems must be created to produce high-value crops like fresh herbs, lettuce, and other green vegetables. The company will set up a 2,000-square-meter cutting-edge hydroponic system as part of the project’s first phase, which is anticipated to be finished three months after the necessary groundwork is finished. This system will include a cold room, packaging facility, harvesting equipment, irrigation controllers, fertilizer mixers, a water recycling system, and emergency water storage, among other things.

In phases two and three, an advanced greenhouse system will be built and installed, and a regional distribution center will be built. At this facility, a variety of agricultural and food products will be gathered, processed, packaged, and delivered to both domestic and foreign markets while adhering to all necessary U.S.D.A. and European Food Safety Authority standards and regulations.

Image provided by the Ministry of Agriculture of Guyana

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