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Harvest London Publishes Its Sustainability Report

AgTech company, Harvest London sustainability report

Harvest London, an innovative food production company, published its first sustainability report a year after being awarded a B corp® certification. The company stated in its report that it received a high score of 104.7 in its impact assessment. The company’s focus on environmental sustainability has been the most significant contributor to this score, reflecting its commitment to reducing the reliance on imports and improving the shelf-life and nutrition of its products. Harvest London advocates the use of controlled environment agriculture to achieve these goals.

The company has been recognized as a Climate Innovator by the New York Times at the COP26 UN Climate Summit. This recognition further highlights the company’s commitment to creating a sustainable future. Harvest London has also built connections across food production, academia, and industry to create a more collaborative and sustainable food system. In line with its commitment to the well-being of its staff, Harvest London commissioned its first staff survey in 2023. In addition, the company ensures that all its staff members are paid at least the living wage set by the Living Wage Foundation. The company has also been working with local people through the Kickstart scheme to provide employment opportunities in food production.


Even though over 80% of the UK population lives in cities, only around 350,000 people work in agriculture. Harvest London is committed to providing more jobs in food production, particularly in urban areas where people live. To this end, the company has been using 100% renewable electricity to power its farm, zero-carbon transport to deliver produce to customers, reusable crates to send ingredients to restaurants, and zero chemical pesticides to reduce its carbon footprint.

Harvest London has earned a B-Corp ‘Best for the World’ accolade in the environment category, reflecting its commitment to environmental sustainability. The company has commissioned a carbon footprint assessment, and the results will be included in the 2023 report. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency and continuous improvement in its sustainability efforts.

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