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Healthy Hydroponics and TurnKey Genomics Merge Expertise to Advance Genomic Technologies

Healthy Hydroponics and TurnKey Genomics Merge Expertise to Advance Genomic Technologies

Healthy Hydroponics and TurnKey Genomics, leaders in crop development and protection technology, announced a joint endeavor to advance genomics’ role in agriculture. The partnership aims to benefit growers, agrochemical companies, propagators, and others in the agricultural sector, propelling environmental sustainability and economic viability in the industry.

Healthy Hydroponics InnoTech provides an innovative online portal for tracking multiple pathogens even in the absence of symptoms, thus indicating potential disease risks. On the other hand, TurnKey Genomics offers genotyping and deep genomics expertise relevant to crop breeding and development. The collaboration intends to offer clients dependable results using various pioneering genomics tools and methodologies.

Both companies lead the field in sequencing science and big data genomics. Their combined services aim to provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective genetic analysis capabilities, addressing the needs of agricultural and cannabis growers. The alliance is a product of the synergy between the companies, given their shared commitment to harnessing the power of genomics to transform agriculture.

Employing genomic technologies can significantly impact all facets of Canada’s agricultural industry. Early detection of pathogens can help growers minimize crop and financial loss, underlining the value of such technologies.

With the rapid advancement in genomic technologies, novel strategies are being introduced for plant and animal breeders. These strategies are expected to accelerate the development of new agri-food products, reduce the time-to-market, and mitigate the effects of climate change while lowering the environmental cost of food production.

Co-Founder of Healthy Hydroponics, Trevor Charles, Ph.D., expressed great excitement about partnering with TurnKey Genomics. “Together, we can deliver genomics solutions across the food and agriculture sector,” Charles stated.

Chris Grainger, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO of TurnKey Genomics, also lauded the strategic partnership. He stressed that the collaboration combines world-class expertise and capacity for developing innovative, genomics-driven solutions for Canada’s Agri-Food sector.

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