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HerdDogg and iTRAK Group Partner to Expand Global Biosecurity


HerdDogg and the iTRAK Group announced a strategic partnership to support their global expansion efforts in data-driven livestock management and automated biosecurity compliance solutions. Under the agreement, iTRAK Group will have exclusive distribution rights to HerdDogg’s hardware and software platform in Australia and New Zealand. In contrast, HerdDogg will have exclusive rights to distribute iTRAK Group’s mobile and desktop biosecurity application, BIOPLUS, in North and South America.

The partnership will allow HerdDogg to integrate BIOPLUS’s biosecurity platform with its patented tag technology to create a seamless bio-traceability platform that automatically collects data and provides records for secure beef systems created by the US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. HerdDogg will distribute the combined solution in North and South America, while iTRAK Group will market BIOPLUS initially in Australia and New Zealand while exploring other global markets.

The partnership brings together two companies that aim to advance biosecurity and traceability in the food supply chain. Andrew Uden, CEO of HerdDogg, believes biosecurity and traceability are critical for a sustainable food supply chain. The partnership will allow both companies to provide end-to-end biosecurity solutions to farmers and producers in their respective markets.

The deal comes as the demand for biosecurity and traceability in the agriculture industry continues to grow, driven by consumer demand for greater transparency and sustainability in the food supply chain. By leveraging HerdDogg’s data-driven livestock management platform and iTRAK Group’s automated biosecurity compliance solutions, the two companies hope to help farmers and producers improve their operations and meet the growing demand for safe, sustainable, and traceable food.

Photo by Luca Basili on Unsplash 

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